Our daily lives have always been influenced by advertising. We are continuously exposed to advertisements, whether they are on television, on billboards, or online. Advertising has changed in India, with companies including more progressive and inclusive messages in their campaigns. In this post, we will discuss some of the most forward-thinking advertising from India that not only promoted their products but also included a moral message.

Surf Excel – Daag Ache Hain

One of the most recognizable advertising in India is the “Daag Ache Hain” campaign from Surf Excel. The message of the campaign is that stains are a symbol of pleasure and adventure.

There are several commercials with the message where the end conclusion tells that stains are good. The commercials encourage inclusivity among different people while promoting their surf.

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Colgate is a renowned oral care product brand that has been in India for many years. With a focus on promoting oral hygiene and the usage of Colgate products, its advertising efforts have stood out in the Indian market in particular. Colgate has utilized a variety of strategies in its advertising to appeal to Indian consumers, including using well-known Bollywood stars, touting the benefits of its products for a healthy, attractive smile, and emphasizing the necessity of cleaning teeth twice a day.

One of their advertisements encourages people to embrace their natural beauty and to do it without feeling self-conscious. have gained widespread recognition and assisted the brand in forging a significant position in the oral care market in India.

The Man Company

In the Indian grooming and personal care business, The Man Company is a relatively new brand. The brand has become well-known and successful in a sector that was previously dominated by multinational names as a result of its emphasis on men’s grooming goods. The Man Company’s marketing initiatives have been crucial to the brand’s success, especially in terms of giving Indian men an approachable image. The Man Company has emphasized the value of grooming and self-care in its commercials while simultaneously highlighting the effectiveness of its products natural components. The company’s campaign with Indian actor Ayushmann Khurana serves as a shining example of its effective marketing approach.

Ayushamann is shown in the advertising discussing a gentleman. Indian males are receptive to the message of the advertisement. Advertising by The Man Company has been effective in making the company a household name for men’s grooming requirements in India.

Ariel – #ShareTheLoad

Ariel’s “#ShareTheLoad” campaign is a powerful advertisement that promotes gender equality. The campaign highlights the unequal distribution of household chores between men and women. The advertisement features different people who realize the importance of sharing the load with their wives, sisters, and mothers.

The campaign promotes the idea that household chores should not be gender-specific, and everyone should contribute equally.

Vicks – #TouchOfCare

The cough and cold medications offered by the Vicks brand, which has been around for many years in India, are well-known. The “Touch of Care” campaign is one example of how the brand has broadened its focus to incorporate a more emotional element in its advertising. Vicks serve as a guiding force for the transgender mother and her adoptive daughter throughout their journey in the advertisement, which centers on their tale. The commercial highlights the challenges that the mother and daughter encounter in Indian culture as a result of their identity and stresses the value of love and care in overcoming hardship.

In India, Vicks’ “Touch of Care” campaign has received a lot of positive feedback and has assisted the company in forging an emotional bond with its customers. The campaign promotes the idea that love and care know no boundaries, and everyone deserves to be loved and cared for, regardless of their gender identity.

With firms being more progressive and inclusive in their campaigns, advertising in India has come a long way. The concepts of inclusivity, harmony, gender equality, and empowerment are promoted in these advertising. These initiatives impact society for the better while also promoting business.