If Joe Goldberg is the character from Netflix’s YOU that makes you fall in love with his wit, mystery vibes and with his style of murdering and quietly hiding the bodies. And are you looking for more such shows after finishing all four seasons of YOU?

Then these shows are what you should watch as you would love it.


As Chloe, played by Erin Doherty, a woman whose fixation with another on Instagram leads her down a path of social infiltration after she learns the woman was killed in a horrific accident, Erin Doherty absolutely crushes it. In order to replace her preoccupation in her life, Chloe develops a flimsy house of falsehoods and avoids suspicion, all the while coming closer to the truth regarding the cause of her friend’s death.


Barry Berkman (Bill Hader), a former Marine and professional hitman who is trying to leave his life of violence behind in favour of becoming an actor in Los Angeles, is the subject of the gritty HBO comedy. Yet, he just can’t seem to stop killing. Barry uses gymnastics to conceal who he really is from the people who matter to him, including his acting coach Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler) and his girlfriend Sally (Sarah Goldberg).

The Fall

Jamie Dornan plays Paul Spector in this television series, a character you definitely wouldn’t suspect of horrible crime and who seems to be a normal husband and father while secretly killing people. As the detective who goes to Northern Ireland to look into the run of killings, Gillian Anderson is outstanding, and through her investigation, the programme delves deeply into the psychology of serial killers. There are just three seasons, so it’s a quick watch that will captivate you.

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Michael C. Hall’s character, Dexter Morgan, is a forensic expert who specialises in blood spatters who also happens to be a — gasp! — serial killer. Dexter joined the television programmes to tell his story. If you appreciate the way You uses narration to offer us a glimpse inside Joe’s twisted thoughts, Dexter pretty much pioneered that technique. Like Joe, Dexter had a tragic history that served as the reason for why he grew up to become a murderer with feelings.

Dirty John

Based on the true tale of John Meehan, Dirty John stars Eric Bana as the title character, who meets and starts dating Debra (Connie Britton), a divorced mother who has achieved enormous success in her career but little in her love life. Their relationship seems to be great up until it isn’t, which is all I’ll say because the plot ultimately takes many turns. The second season of this programme, which follows the narrative of Betty Broderick, a victim of a totally separate murder, seems largely unneeded.


Bryan Fuller’s drama still has a sizable cult following years after it was cancelled. Fans adore it for the way it wove a web of romance and violence and pushed the limits of what could be shown on network TV. The focus of the show is the interaction between FBI agent Will Graham and cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) (Hugh Dancy). The two’s interactions become extremely bizarre, constantly straddling the line between love and mortal peril. They were the original Joe and Love in many ways!

Check out these shows and let us know if any moves you beyond YOU.