Cricket is a religion in India and there is no denying that. The enthusiasm surrounding the game is unimaginable and even contagious. Some matches hog more limelight than others but when it comes to the World Cup, every match creates a buzz. Since the news of India hosting the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 broke out, there has been a nationwide cheer. The latest information of ICC collaborating with Meta to engage with over 500 Content Creators for the upcoming World Cup season has only added fuel to the fire. The creator economy gets a further push with this move, strengthening the already heightened economy. 

World Cup 2023

The ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 has been scheduled to be conducted in India. The first match of the series was held in Ahmedabad yesterday between the erstwhile finalists of 2019, England and New Zealand. While New Zealand stole the show with its stellar performance, 47 other matches that are to be held between 6th October to 19th November across 10 cities in India, have the cricket fans beaming with excitement.

ICC and Meta collaborate with 500 content creators


ICC and Meta

Like other domains, Cricket today also walks hand-in-hand with social media. Many Indian and International cricketers enjoy a massive following on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In fact, the International Cricket Council (ICC) also has a functional Instagram account with over 28 million followers. On its account, it shares a sneak peek of the ongoing matches, the details of the upcoming ones and other official information. However, there is only a little that an official handle can do. Thereby to amplify its voice further and in a more diverse as well as fun way, ICC collaborated with Meta, giving the latter an exclusive digital content rights partnership to enhance its digital presence for the World Cup season.

500 Plus Creators 

In one of the biggest creator campaigns across industries and the largest Creator campaign of ICC, Meta has announced the engagement of over 500 Content Creators for the ongoing World Cup matches. Most of these creators are regional creators who will cover the matches happening in the home ground. With their unique perspective and their trademark creativity, they will bring a distinct perspective to the tournament, making it an unforgettable experience for cricket fans and others alike.

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Meta’s idea of choosing regional creators is a rather strategic move as regional creators have a more dedicated following base because they have a more personalised connection with their audience. Through this initiative, even those people who do not religiously follow cricket can know about the matches and more importantly, see a more human side of these cricket legends. 

While these 500 content creators will be a part of the ‘Creator Squad,’ delivering different forms of content including reels, stories, posts and other generic content on different social media platforms, there will also be a more exclusive group of 50 content creators called as the ‘Super 50’ who will enjoy more rights than the former. One major difference between the 450 creators of the Creator Squad and the Super 50 will be that the squad will have access limited to their region but the Super 50 will have a more nationalised access.

Some of the important regional content creators who have catapulted into fame through this campaign are Manas Arora, Akshay Partha, and Dasoham. More popular creators such as Rj Princy, Rj Praveen, Funcho duo Dhruv and Shyam and Shubham Gaur among others have started to release content in regards to the ICC Men’s World Cup. Sticking to their style, each of these creators is bringing a very personalised flavour to the biggest cricket event. 

The Super 50

From this large group of content creators, Meta has chosen a group of 50 creators called the Super 50 who will enjoy extensive rights in the ongoing Cricket festival. The Super 50 will have extensive rights including access to the field pre and post-matches, authorisation to commentators, ambassadors and others. These Super 50 content creators will cover the 50-over matches for the next 47 matches, showcasing each match with their own finesse. Alongside the Super 50, other creators will share their experiences with their audiences through various social media channels.

The ICC and Meta campaign is truly one of its kind both in terms of its approach and its magnitude. With a large number of content creators joining the campaign, it has cemented the position of creators and the creator economy in the world. While all these 500 content creators are creating content for a handful of social media platforms, their diverse experiences will help the audience enjoy an assorted mixture, having a different perspective for each. This digital partnership will also open new avenues in cricket in particular and sports in general.