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Instagram, caters to over a billion users on its platform. Every day, blind and low vision members of the Instagram community use assistive technology to discover and make connections. Instagram says as “part of our focus on accessibility, we’re working to give all community members the experience of swiping through their feeds quickly.” 

It once took as many as 30 swipes to experience a single post using assistive technology. But with a redesigned concept, the process has been made much simpler, and more efficient. Users can now swipe from one post to the next in a matter of seconds. This is all Instagram’s ongoing effort to create a well-crafted Instagram experience that works for everyone, everywhere.

While many people experience Instagram in the manner shown below. There are other ways too for exploring the feed.

As part of their focus on accessibility, the design team of Facebook is working to give all community members the experience of quickly swiping through their feeds.

Through the Assistive Technology Support, Closed Captioning, Alternative Text for Images and Accessible Colours & Contrast. The design team is bound to create a well crafted experience that “works for everyone, everywhere.”

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