• Google introduced new AI shopping tools for the holidays.
  • You can type in a phrase to Google and it will return products, descriptions and explainers of gifts you can give someone.
  • The tools help users explore gift ideas, visualize products, and virtually try on clothes.
  • Google aims to make holiday shopping easier and more personalized with AI.

The festive and holiday season is upon us. You know what that means? It is also gifting season! It’s that time of the year when you spoil the ones close to you and your own self. With new AI-powered tools, Google hopes to make your festive shopping more accessible than ever. The tech giant revealed three new ways in which its generative AI technology may assist customers in finding and buying gifts for the holiday season.

The new capabilities tap into Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), which brings generative AI into its search engine. It’s perfectly timed to come ahead of the holiday season which might attract people to use the site over other options. Holiday spending is expected to reach record highs, according to the National Retail Federation, with its projection ranging from $957.3 billion to $966.6 billion.

google AI tool holiday season gifting

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Google unveiled three new ways in which its generative AI technology can help consumers discover and purchase gifts.

  • It can tell you what kind of gift a person might like depending on the interests you provide in search.
  • It can generate a photorealistic image of an item you might want, all you have to do is describe it.
  • It now offers 40 photos of men and women of various shapes, sizes and backgrounds to attempt to give a virtual clothing try-on experience.

You can opt for the gifting features and image generation option by going into Search Labs and turning on Search Generative Experiences (SGE). Let’s take you through the new ways in which AI can help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones:

Gift Idea Research Utilising AI

The first SGE feature released allows users to receive personalised gift suggestions. As per Google’s declaration, the AI will provide customised subcategories for perusing, including but not limited to specialised instruments, handcrafted ingredients, culinary subscriptions, and culinary workshops. To get shoppable gift alternatives from both small and large firms, users can tap on a category. Google’s Director of Shopping Products, Julie Black, stated that customers may use this feature to “really home in on your gift recipient’s unique preferences.

google ai tool holiday shopping search feature

For instance, looking for “great gifts for home cooks who love pasta” will provide results like cookbooks and kits for preparing spaghetti. The AI may recommend personalised, shoppable presents like chemistry sets and coding kits for children who have specialised hobbies like invention. So, if you’re shopping for a 4-year-old nephew this year, it can help you find ideas on what he might like with a command like “gifts for a 4-year-old who likes science.” Google emphasised that SGE is designed to encourage discovery and includes in-app shopping advertising and links to content producers.

Purchasing With AI-Generated Images

An additional novel mobile function utilises picture production to assist users in visualising and locating the required article of apparel. Users may create lifelike graphics by typing phrases into SGE’s clothing search function. For example, looking for a “patterned, colourful puffer jacket” yields AI-generated photos that fit the description. Until they locate a photo they like, they may alter the text to refine the selection. Then, comparable real things are displayed for sale. This feature will roll out in the US in December. It may be made available to others via Google’s Search Labs.

google ai tool holiday shopping puffer jacket

Extended Virtual Clothes Try-On

Google discovered that after introducing the option for women’s tops earlier this year, there is an increase in shopping interaction. The search giant is finally adding men’s shirts to its AI-powered virtual try-on tool. Users will notice a “try-on” indicator for participating companies while looking for men’s shirts. 

When you tap it, other models with customizable skin tones, body types, and other features appear. With the aid of its quickly developing artificial intelligence, Google hopes to make gift-hunting “smarter and more confident” this season with a range of features including visualised searches, virtual modelling, and easy present recommendations.

google ai tool holiday shopping virtual try-on

Between convenient gift ideas, visualized searches, and virtual modelling, Google has made gift hunting smarter and more convenient this season with the help of its rapidly advancing AI.