The Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) has introduced the National Creators Award to recognise the significant contributions of digital creators and influencers to India’s digital landscape. The GoI sponsored award aims to bring a spotlight on the diverse voices and talents shaping the country’s entertainment trajectory while fostering positive societal change and innovation in the digital realm.

GoI introduces National Creators Award 2024

Championing India’s Digital Economy

The Government of India’s initiative to launch the National Creators Award at the forefront highlights its commitment to championing India’s digital economy. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s consistent acknowledgement of the transformative potential of the creator economy, the introduction of this award aligns with the vision to celebrate content creators for their impactful contributions.

PM Narendra Modi announces National Creators Award 2024 by GoI

Celebrating Creativity and Innovation

The National Creators Award will encompass various categories, including storytelling, social change advocacy, environmental sustainability, education, gaming, and more. Notable categories such as the ‘Disruptor of the Year’ and ‘Celebrity Creator of the Year‘ will look to honour individuals who have challenged conventions and leveraged their influence for positive transformation having a real impact on society.

GoI introduces National Creators Award 2024 with various categories

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Global Recognition and Tech Innovation

Additionally, the award will pay tribute to international creators enhancing India’s cultural influence and soft power, while also celebrating tech creators who simplify technology for the masses. 

The selection process involves a nomination phase, screening of submissions, and a combination of public voting and expert review to determine the winners. The last date for the nomination submission is 26th Februrary, 2024 and all those interested to drop in their nominations through the Innovative India website.

A Revolutionary Step 

The introduction of the National Creators Award marks a revolutionary step in the Indian content creation space. By acknowledging and celebrating digital innovators and influencers, this initiative not only recognises their contributions but also opens new avenues for creativity and innovation.

GoI announces National Creators Award 2024 on innovative India website

It signifies the government’s commitment to fostering a vibrant digital ecosystem that encourages inclusivity, engagement, and empowerment. This initiative has the potential to inspire a new generation of creators and propel India’s digital economy to greater heights