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William Grant, the founder of Glenfiddich nurtured a dream to make the best dram in the valley. It was in 1887 on Christmas day that he realized his lifelong ambition when the first drops of Glenfiddich whisky flowed from the stills of the distillery.

To celebrate 134 years of embracing uncertainty, and award-winning whisky production, Glenfiddich launches a digital series full of experimentation. It collaborated with renowned chefs and connoisseurs like Vicky Ratnani, Chef Ashish Bhasin, Dhruv Oberoi, Pooja Dhingra, Sanjyot Keer, Amninder Sandhu, Ruchira Hoon, and Uday Balaji to name a few.

The campaign embodies Glenfiddich’s philosophy of pushing boundaries and challenging yourself even when you’re the world’s most awarded.  From being the pioneers of the single malt category to aging whisky in ice wine barrels. The spirit of innovation and experimentation encourages you to try something new and break new ground.

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Moreover, the campaign aims to defy traditional perceptions of whisky by playing with flavors through experimental whisky serves. To add on, unconventional pairings, and infusions with food and desserts using the flagship Glenfiddich 12-Year-old variant. It reinstates the necessity to take risks for meaningful growth, to live not by convention but by writing your own rulebook. The chefs and connoisseurs will reflect the same ethos by doing some intriguing experiments with the Glenfiddich 12-year-old.

Speaking on the campaign, Angad Singh Gandhi, Brand Ambassador, Glenfiddich India said, “Glenfiddich has always been known for its experiments and innovative experiences. The campaign celebrates the brand’s passion for pushing boundaries by bringing together trailblazers from the culinary world to explore limitless possibilities that exist beyond the traditional world of single malts.”

The campaign went live on brand’s owned and chefs’ digital platforms including Instagram and Facebook