Ritvi Shah is an Indian fashionista who raises the bar for trends with every video or picture she posts. You may recognise her from her Instagram account @aboutritvi. Her content is not only creative, but also aesthetically pleasing, which is why fans admire her. Her fashion game is superb, so we’ve compiled a list of the five times she dropped fashion bombs on her viewers.

1. Showing her Fashion Journey as a #2020recap boss.

Let’s get started by building a compelling case, shall we? Let’s make sure you’re aware of what’s headed your way, as well as Ritvi’s status as a fashion queen…

2. The Beaming and Beautiful #bussitchallenge

Let’s discover how fashionista, Ritvi Shah utilised trends to set a new high now that we’ve established her standing in fashion. On social media, the ‘Buss It’ challenge screamed its presence, and every fashion influencer was aware of it. Let’s have a look at Ritvi’s adaptation of the same.

3. The Dreamy and Attention-Demanding #dangerouschallenge

We’ve all seen the ‘Dangerous’ challenge, but she takes it a step further with her Indian-style rendition. And the colours she chose are beautiful! For a little while, I think I forgot to breathe. Are you prepared to see it?

4. The Passionate and Picturesque #pokerfacechallenge

Ritvi’s ‘Poker Face’ challenge was plenty of sass. The attitude and fairness shown to the character elevated it to a new level, clearly raising the bar of the trend and hotness. Phew, it’s hot!

5. The rather Theatrical and Trendy #20photos2videoschallenge

Finally, let’s wrap up this piece with another of her classic trending reels, the ‘#20photos2videos’ one, sobs. I’ll let her and the video speak for itself because whatever I say here will pale in contrast to the aesthetic-and-inspiring video that you are about to watch.

Are you impressed or are you impressed? Well, what are you waiting for? Go and check out her page right now! Her content is worth hours of your time. And until my pen writes more for you… let Ritvi be your one-stop fashion inspiration.