Suryaveer Hooja, a well-known singer and performer, is a source of inspiration. Through his songs, he expresses his hard work, enthusiasm, and love for music. His originals are unrivalled, and his covers have a romantic aura that we can’t get enough of. We can’t hold back with such a soulful voice, trendy cover videos, and inspiring standing in the music industry. As a result, we decided to include him in this article to discuss his journey from where he started to where he is today.

Suryaveer’s music journey began much earlier in his life. He has now completed more than 12 years in this industry. It began when he was in class 4 and had to learn musical instruments. He termed it, “by default” while asked in an interview as to how he learnt playing the instruments. He was then in a music band in his school where he would play the keyboard while performing throughout his school life.

But after he began his college life is when he decided that he wanted to become a singer. All the instruments like the keyboard and guitar that he learned throughout his school life was then helpful and he progressed to take classical training. Throughout this while, he would give exams of playing the keyboard. After completing his B.Com honours, while taking MBA coaching is when he settled into a puddle of confusion in regards to if he’ll be able to do a 9-5 traditional job. He wanted to live a creative life and spoke to his parents about the same.

His parents were very supportive and asked him to try with the condition that if he were to fail, he’ll continue his MBA. And, the rest is history because given today, we know that it worked out. Initially, Suryaveer had published an original album after which he progressed to do romantic and sad songs. Mostly because, the people loved listening to those. But when asked from him, he said that he needs to enjoy the song for him to perform. This also helps him decide the albums he wants to publish. If he weren’t to enjoy a 100%, no matter how much work he has put in, he would not publish it. He goes by the motto that if he doesn’t enjoy the song to the T himself, his listeners won’t be able to do it either.

He further added that his inspirations were singers like Kishore Kumar, R.D. Burman, Michael Jackson, to name a few. He also added that there should not be any formula to musical success. You should feel the instinct and go for it. Talking about his band, Ehsaas, he said he went to London and discovered a band along with his love for playing in a band. Until 2011 he was a solo artist who would perform at Cafe Coffee Day, bars, restaurants, etc. And being a part of the band in school, as well, he always wanted to sing and engage with his audience while performing. It is difficult to do that, he explained, when you are also playing an instrument.

The first song that became a hit was Yaara Teri Yaari which accumulated billions of views making the band be discovered and admired in massive numbers. This, he says, was the turning point of his career. And henceforth, started his road to success.

If you are as impressed as me, do not forget to give his videos lots of love and support by TAPPING HERE and checking his channel out. And, until my pen writes more for you, let us try something creative ourselves, shall we? Here’s to Suryaveer’s musical journey inspiring us to be creative and wishing him luck for all his future endeavours!