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The growth of short video formats is something that the entire digital industry is acquainted with too. Soon after the shutdown of TikTok in India, Instagram reels picked up pace. In addition to that YouTube too launched YouTube Shorts its own dedicated short video format. Furthermore several other short video apps started pouring in too, MXTakaTak and Trell to name a few. Short videos are a quick way to deliver information and entertainment in a creatively personalised style.

In latest reports it has been confirmed that Facebook is working on incorporating reels in its interface too. Facebook the media giant behind Instagram is working on adding the ability to create reels on the platform. Popular app developer Alessandro Paluzzi on his twitter shared images of what the redesigned composer screen will look like.

Facebook is also working on redesigning its stories tray in order to make it include Reels and Rooms ( Facebook’s own Live Audio service). Alessandro Paluzzi shared images of what the tray will look like when redesigned.

The redesigning (when released) will mark Facebook’s official entry into the world of short video formats. The new update will allow creators on Instagram to broaden their reach by posting their content on both Instagram and Facebook at just a click of the button!