With the boom of content creation as an industry and a plethora of creators engaging their audience with their talent and content, there is something for everyone. Today, we look into the content creation journey of one such creator. Presenting Rohit Raghvendra. He makes comedy videos and sketches and has garnered a huge fan following on social media.

His hilarious reels are a treat to binge on. He is also an actor known for his short film “Through the Rainbow” from 2018. He has worked in the A Summer Story (TV Mini-Series 2019–2021). Rohit’s followers really admire him for the creative content that he shares on his Instagram. Last year he also released his own merch saying, “The collection will be straight up from all those reels that y’all have loved and laughed out to. The merch will speak my reels out loud. This is me ✨

Rohit Raghvendra content creator

His Background

Rohit was initially studying engineering but decided to take up media studies instead. He did his Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from Mumbai. Post his graduation, he worked at an ad agency for a year. Then he tried his luck with acting. But lockdown happened. Rohit then started making reels since it was a growing trend at the time. His first reel got a good response and so did the next. That’s how he started content creation. He had mentioned in an interview that he doesn’t really plan out his content but he is very observant. He will pick up on things around him and create something out of it.

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The Algorithm Game

Rohit like most creators has also faced situations where he has lazily made a reel and it ended up going viral whereas a reel that he worked hard on and found funny himself, did not perform as well as he expected it to. The Instagram algorithm tends to be very random. But the content creator has found a hack for himself. He noticed that when he targets a certain community, his reel ends up being a hit. For example, if he made a video on Mumbaikars or the Pune community, then the audience tends to relate to it and it gains traction. Content that is shareable will always do well.

How Rohit Went Viral

When he started creating content, he did not do it with the intention to gain followers and had no big expectations from it. Rohit only wanted to make reels out of passion and his love for acting. He went on to create content for 6 months straight when he had 500-600 followers. There was this one reel where he was mimicking Hrithik Roshan following a trend at the time called “Your accent is so sexy, can you say that again?Instant Bollywood came across his reel and shared it. His phone blew up and he went viral overnight as he touched 5000 followers which kept increasing by the hour and he hit 10k in a week.

Brand Collabs

Initially, Rohit made reels while working in advertising. He would work all day and then make videos between 1 am to 4 am. Later, he realised this was hard work and not smart work and he started managing his time more efficiently. Once he became viral and blew up, brands started reaching out to him given his high engagement rate. His creativity really shines out in all forms of content that he attempts, including brand partnerships.

Content Creation For The Long Term

Rohit Raghvendra correlates content creation to gymming – when you workout and see the results, the gains, and the physique, you’re worried it will all go away if you stop. Similarly, when you see the success, increasing followers and views after constantly being at it, it becomes addictive and you don’t want to lose it. Thus, he definitely wishes to continue making reels in the future as well. His audience is also very appreciative of the work he produces and he’s confident they would support him in his future endeavours as well.

How To Get Views

While being hilarious, his content also does great numbers and the main reason for that is relatability. The videos he makes are either very relatable or cover certain aspects of Bollywood that work really well with the masses. Especially the ones where he mimics celebrities and artists. And his expressions are the cherry on the cake. You can try to be funny by just saying something, but when you act it out expressively, that’s when it really hits. Content that is shareable will always do well, it is the thumb rule of Instagram. He also knows how to retain his audience by not ending his joke and leaving the reel at some sort of cliffhanger so people wait to know the end or rewatch it.

Playing Characters

The digital creator also plays various characters in his reels like Mom, Dad, PT Teacher, Punjabi Rapper Balwinder Singh a.k.a Ballu, and more. These characters have now seeped into his audience. If he only mentions the character’s name or gives a glimpse of his look, they will know who he is talking about. We’ve seen many creators pull off multiple characters like Superwoman (Lilly Singh), Bhuvan Bam, Varun Thakur to name a few. And Rohit does it with just as much conviction. He also mimics other creators and comedians who in turn like his content and respond as well. That speaks volumes for a creator.

Rohit’s content is proof of his immense creativity. He is consistent with it and knows how to entertain his audience. From being innately funny to having hacks for better engagement to responding to every comment on his reels, he has won people’s hearts and continues to do so!