Diwali season is here and the parties have already begun. We are assuming that your outfit selection process is nearing an end. If you want to match the energy of those killer outfits but cannot decide an equally scintillating makeup, worry not, as we have curated a list of a few of our favourite beauty creators whose makeup tricks will help you add an oomph factor to your Diwali glam.

Diwali makeup looks by beauty creators


From nude minimalism to out and about colour blocking tricks, these looks will help you look like the Pataka that you’re. Join us as we unravel the hottest makeup trends for the festive season.

Deeksha Khurana

Deeksha’s makeup look surely is one of our favourite creator looks for the season. Picking an all-brown palette, her makeup look is perfect for office parties to Diwali get-togethers where you want to shine but not go all about. 

Deeksha’s brown eyeliner was surely the showstopper for us which was perfectly complemented by the brown eye shadow. The CT Contour Wand is nothing less than a magic wand that has the ability to add structure to the face. To say the least, we are in love with the look. 

Kiwi Tandon 

Just like a strong foundation can only hold the building upright, it is only with the right base one can have flawless makeup and Kiwi Tandon’s video is a 360 guide to prepping your skin for long-lasting makeup. From the right moisturiser to a befitting foundation, Kiwi holds your hand and walks you through the makeup-prepping procedure. 

From long-lasting foundation tips to her pro tip for people with watery eyes, she’s truly a friend you can rely on. Kiwi promoted the L’Oreal infallible range in the video but her suggestions of using smudge-proof lipsticks to fight all those food-hogging sessions, may be a small but very effective tip.

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Damini Harsh Patel

A professional makeup artist, Damini knows her shizz. After seeing a bunch of nude makeup, Damini’s look will add a pop of colour instantly even by looking at it. Ditching the no makeup look, she swears by bold eye makeup this Diwali.

Matching her eye shadow to her dress, Damini has paired the colour along with some gold and silver on the edges. However, to tone down the look, she wears a more natural tone of brown on her lips. Her Forever52 eyeshadow palette looked like a dream and all those colours have our hearts. 

Sabhyata Bali

Pallettesandpaint fame Sabhyata Bali has focused on the most important part of her Diwali makeup series. There is no denying the fact that eyes do the talking and Sabhyata believes in this more than anybody else. 

In her series, she did 3 beautiful eye makeup that can go with almost all outfits and will make one look ultra glamorous. If we have to pick one from the shimmery nude, festive pink and gorgeous green, we would say all three because there is no way we can pick one here. Absolutely love how she seamlessly blends the colour and glitter adding a festive vibe!


UK-based beauty creator Ankita has documented a Diwali look and safe to say, that we are obsessed. Going for a soft and glowy look, she went ahead with soft eye makeup along with heavy eyelashes. The black bindi along with those eyes looks like a treat to the eyes. 

To add a festive touch, Ankita picked a beautiful bright lipstick shade to complete her look. Promoting Armani Beauty, she wore 3 bright shades on her lips ranging between pink and red. She has mentioned the shade codes in the video and you can easily buy one for yourself from the ones that you loved.

Watching all these creators curate gorgeous festive makeup has given us the confidence to try our hands at it as well. We might be able to only create half of the beauty that we have witnessed but we think we can still pull the show.

Tell us about your favourite makeup looks and the ones you can’t wait to recreate.