As a kid did we all not love birthday parties? While adulting, the craze for birthday parties has not subsided, only its nature has changed a bit. To begin with, birthday parties changed into birthday bashes and shots replaced the plate of chips, cake and samosa. Walt Disney however turned 100 this year and has been celebrating in a way, both our young self and adult self beam with joy. From kickstarting the centenary year celebrations at Disneyland to now releasing a short film, Once Upon A Studio, Disney has left no stone unturned to make us nostalgic. 

Disney celebrates 100 years with Once Upon A Studio


The Adorable Reunion

To celebrate its century, Disney called in all its animated characters over the years in an “unforgettable reunion” in Once Upon A Studio. To be precise, the short film has 543 characters from over 85 Disney films, including feature films and short films. The film begins with a conversation hoping if walls could talk, pointing at the wall where all Disney characters are neatly hung in different frames. In no time, Mickey, Minnie and Tinker Bell bring the entire gang to life. The trailer for the short film was released weeks ago on Walt Disney’s official YouTube channel.

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Premiere and Where To Watch

Once Upon A Studio premiered on ABC on 15th October, 8 PM ET, where Kelly Ripa unveiled the short film along with many other upcoming projects of Disney. The live streaming was later made available on Fubo TV as well as Hulu for fans to enjoy. 

Once Upon A Studio marks 100 years of Disney


In India, Once Upon A Studio has also been released and can be streamed on Disney + Hotstar. The 8-minute film summarises our entire childhood as well as a large part of our teenage years. Once Upon A Studio is sure to move you to tears, like it did to many other social media users, who could not stop from feeling nostalgic looking at their favourite character.

Centenary celebrations

The short film is not in isolation from the celebration. Walt Disney set the celebratory mood with Disneyland on 27th January, 2023 by inaugurating the Mickey- Minnie Runway Railway Ride and has been adding new activities or renovating the old ones since then. The ‘Magic Happens’ parade also returned as a part of the celebrations at Disneyland. Additionally, the party spirit has also taken over EPCOT, the Walt Disney World Resort. If there’s anywhere in the world we want to be right now, it’s Disneyland!

As Walt Disney brings newer attractions from up its sleeves, we cannot contain our excitement. While travelling to Disneyland can be an expensive affair, you can experience 100 years of Disney with their short film, Once Upon a Studio without spending a dime. If you haven’t watched the film until now, this is your cue to watch it immediately.

Watch the trailer of Once Upon A Studio, below.