~ The channel has 4 shows that have released 4 seasons~

National, February 9, 2024: Pocket Aces’ long-form studio Dice Media is releasing the 4th season of its school romance show Crushed. Crushed is Dice Media’s 4th show to have 4 successful seasons, a rare feat in today’s web series environment.  

Starting with the release of S4 of its innovative series Firsts in 2021, S4 of the most awaited show Little Things also released in 2021, S4 of What The Folks released in 2022, and S4 of Crushed now released in 2024. Along the way, they have created characters such as Dhruv-Kavya from Little Things, Anita-Nikhil from What The Folks, and Aadhya-Sam from Crushed that remain audience favorites long after each season is aired. With ratings of over 8.2 on IMDB across these shows, Dice Media has established itself as a leader in the relationship and family show space, especially when it comes to metro and Tier 2 Indian youth.

Speaking about the success of our four most heart-warming shows, Aditi Shrivastava, Co-Founder and CEO, Pocket Aces says, “Creating multi-season franchises is extremely exciting for us. We use deep insights from our short-form content to pick concepts that will have enough arms and legs to remain extremely engaging and relatable to audience’s season after season. Our creative directors and writers design the characters with an endeavor to create likeable, albeit flawed, protagonists that feel like real people you know in your real lives. That’s how audiences get so attached to them and can’t get enough. It is this audience demand, anticipation,, and engagement that encourages us to keep bringing our shows back for subsequent seasons.”

Vidyuth Bhandary, Studio Head, Dice Media adds, “We are excited to work with partners such as Amazon miniTV from Crushed and Netflix for Little Things that see the mutual benefit of creating long-running shows. We have also expanded some of these very successful IPs to other derivative content – such as regional shows or audio shows. We released the Telugu adaptations Alludu Garu and #BFF of our shows What The Folks and Adulting respectively on Aha, and the audio derivatives of Little Things and Adulting on Amazon Audible. Proven IPs in one language or format work extremely well in others too, so you will see us doing a long more derivative content in the future.”

Crushed S4 is streaming on Amazon miniTV and Amazon Prime starting February 9, 2024.

About Dice Media:

Dice Media is the long-form premium content studio of Pocket Aces. The studio also runs a D2C channel which has a subscriber base of over 5.1M. Dice Media is a pioneer in creating multi-episodic, seasonal web series. Some of Dice Media’s most notable work includes “Little Things”,  “What The Folks”, “Ghar Waapsi”, “Crushed”, “Half Love Half Arranged”, “Operation MBBS”, “Please Find Attached”, “Clutch”, & “Bravehearts” amongst other.  “Bravehearts” was the only web series that unveiled its trailer at Marché Du Film – Festival De Cannes 2022. Known as an expert in the Young Adult genre, Dice Media was the first new-age creator to have a multi-show deal with streaming giant, Netflix. Staying true to its innovation DNA, Dice Media also launched India’s first Instagram-first web series, “Firsts”, which has become a viral hit with six successful seasons so far. Dice Media currently has the highest series renewal rate in India. Dice Media award wins include: “Ghar Waapsi” – Best Web Series (Drama) Gold at Adgully’s Screenxx 2022, Best Director (Series Comedy) at Talentrack Awards 2023, and Pure Content (Drama) Silver at Afaqs Vdonxt Awards 2023. Little Things – Best Jodi at Filmfare OTT Awards 2022. WTF! S4 – Best Use of Video in a Digital Marketing Campaign at Stream Awards 2022.

About Pocket Aces:

With a mission to be a global culture creator that influences people positively by building an ecosystem of innovative media professionals, content, and products, Pocket Aces is India’s largest digital media company creating content across genres and distribution platforms. Pocket Aces’ unique positioning comes from owning distribution, IPs, and managing exclusive talent.

  • Pocket Aces has 36 million subscribers and clocks 700 million video views monthly across social media platforms with its channels FilterCopy (short-fiction), Gobble (lifestyle), Nutshell (infotainment), and Dice Media (premium long-form web series).
  • Pocket Aces also runs Clout, which manages 100+ digital actors and influencers exclusively, making it one of the largest talent management agencies in India.
  • Pocket Aces is one of the first players to execute the content-to-commerce strategy by launching its first D2C product, Gobble Cookware.

Pocket Aces has won more than 60 awards for its work across various categories. Major investors in Pocket Aces include Sequoia Capital, 3one4 Capital, DSP Group, North Base Media, and the co-founders of India’s largest IT services firm, Infosys.