Instagram has become many things today. It has become a fashionable space bursting with fashion creators or an emerging space for culinary enthusiasts who are on a mission to refresh palettes with their innovative tries and finds. Most importantly, Instagram is a humorous place and a lot of it can be credited to Dharna Durga, a content creator who is known for entertaining comedy.

A Challenge, a little push, a viral sensation 

Dharna Durga never imagined herself to be a content creator, more so a funny one. Being a part of the theatre, she always loved to perform or as she calls it, do ‘dramebaazi.’ Playing different characters came naturally to her from her observational skills, but what she never knew was these skills would bring her immense stardom and a lot of money too 😉

Like most of us, Dharna was looking for something to get her through the pandemic. Out of boredom, Dharna along with her friends started giving video challenges to each other to mimic somebody or just to make a funny video.

One of those incidents when the stars align to put you on a bigger path, Dharna’s video was loved by her friends. Them being true friends, pushed Dharna to post this on her social media and hence began the journey of this comedy queen.

Soon, Dharna joined the “viral” club when her video, the one showing the expectation and reality of an individual who dances at an event, touched the hearts of many. The success came within days of uploading the video and she for one, just could not believe what had happened.

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Coming from an ordinary family, Dharna’s parents did not understand the big deal of having a n number of views and what it meant to be an influencer on the gram. Soon wishes and heartfelt notes started pouring in and Dharna became “a first ” in her family to be called a digital content creator. 

Dharna Durga- One human, many characters

Once Dharna tasted success, she knew she had to ride the wave and to be able to do so, she had to breathe life into different characters. Her theatrical background gave her the power of observation. For her humans were nothing but characters who have unique traits. She picked these traits to create characters for her video. Based on their popularity she would continue or discontinue them with time.

Undeniably, Dharna is a Bollywood Buff who loves to recreate the 90s Bollywood era with her humorous take on it. Be it the bhaiya-bhabhi in Hindi films or the vamp, Ms Durga gets into the skin of the character.

Dharna Durga has her humourous views on reality shows as well. She has recreated characters from famous reality shows including Big Boss, and Khatron Ke Khiladi to name a few.

But the character that earned her immense fame is Taiji. Taiji ranting about her Bahu, Shimpi and her Beta Rajat, is one relative every desi household has seen. The acting is so on point, sometimes you forget it’s in the virtual world and is not a reality. She has done this series for every occasion or festival and every time, it only gets better. 

Dharna Durga is a complete performer who has exceptional dancing skills. Her performances are so entertaining that we are watching on a loop to learn a few steps for the upcoming wedding season. Her video on “every choreographer ever” not only funnily reminds us of our interactions with choreographers but also helps us see the Dancer Dharna.

Parlour Didi, Neesa, Pakistani drama obsessed fan and sales person in different settings are some other characters where we absolutely love Dharna and her comic timing.

Joining the Club

Dharna Durga has now joined the Instagram Creator club after being nominated at the Cosmopolitan Awards. To see also whom she adores/stalks on a daily basis, in reality, was a dream come true for Dharna. Not just being able to meet but being appreciated by her fellow creators has given Dharna the kick to move ahead. Not that she needed it, but a little motivation definitely goes a long way.

Dharna Durga is definitely the emerging superstar who is going to conquer one platform after the other and we can’t wait to see more of her.