The Bombay Times Fashion Week Fall 2024 set the stage for a spectacular fusion of elegance and excitement as fashion enthusiasts gathered to witness coveted designers showcase their latest collection. Among the most talked about designers were Rishi & Vibhuti who unveiled their RUNWAY RIVI’ERA 2024 collection. The event, a highlight of the fashion calendar, featured an array of stunning collections and celebrity appearances, but it was the content creators who stole the spotlight on the ramp.

Creators walk the ramp for Rishi & Vibhuti at Bombay Times Fashion Week

Bombay Times Fashion Week

Renowned for celebrating both established and emerging talent, the Bombay Times Fashion Week has become a significant platform for designers to showcase their innovative creations. This season, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation as Rishi & Vibhuti, a dynamic fashion duo known for their eclectic and vibrant designs, unveiled their latest collection. 

Rishi & Vibhuti

Rishi & Vibhuti’s RUNWAY RIVI’ERA 2024 collection was an amalgamation of a tropical vacation and high-fashion sensibilities. The palette was dominated by sun-kissed yellows, ocean blues, and palm tree greens, featuring silhouettes that ranged from fusion bralettes and skirts to signature cape sets. 

Designed with an imaginary Mediterranean town in mind, the collection aimed to capture the essence of summer with its vibrant hues and bohemian vibe. Actress Alaya F, gracing the runway as the showstopper, added a touch of glamour to the event, perfectly embodying the spirit of the new collection.

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Content Creators on the Ramp

Adding a unique twist to their showcase, Rishi & Vibhuti invited several prominent content creators to walk the ramp. Influencers such as Sukriti, Sanyam Sharma, Uorfi Javed, Urmi Daga, Aaron Koul, Prerna Mehra, Sakshi Keshwani, and Arun Singh donned pieces from the Rivi-era collection, bringing an extra layer of excitement and relatability to the runway. Their presence underscored the inclusive and contemporary nature of the fashion week, bridging the gap between high fashion and everyday style.

Each content creator brought their distinctive flair to the runway, enhancing the collection’s vibrant and playful spirit. Their youthful energy and dynamic presence resonated with the audience, showcasing the versatility of Rishi & Vibhuti’s designs. For many creators including Sukriti, and Arun Singh among others, it was the first time they were walking the ramp. This collaboration not only highlighted the designers’ commitment to inclusivity but also demonstrated the powerful role of digital creators in modern fashion.

The participation of content creators at the Bombay Times Fashion Week Fall 2024 is proof of the evolving landscape of fashion, where creators play a crucial role in shaping trends and reaching wider audiences. Rishi & Vibhuti’s innovative approach to their RUNWAY RIVI’ERA 2024 collection, combined with the vibrant energy of these creators, made for an unforgettable showcase that blended high fashion with contemporary relevance.