As the scorching summer heat settles in, there’s nothing quite like reaching for a cool and refreshing beverage to quench our thirst and rejuvenate our bodies. Where countless options vie for our attention, one brand stands out for its refreshing taste and innovative product – Nimbooz. Nimbooz, a product of the renowned company PepsiCo, has captivated consumers with its unique blend of tangy lemon flavour and a hint of fizz. However, it’s not just the taste that sets Nimbooz apart; it’s also their ingenious marketing strategy, which includes an attention-grabbing tongue-twister challenge that has people intrigued. To add to it, Nimbooz has roped in Mithila Palkar to advertise and many other creators and celebrities such as Sanya Malhotra, Zaid Darbar and Barkha Singh are trying their hands on the Chatak Nimbooz challenge.

What is the Chatak Nimbooz Challenge

Before delving into the marketing brilliance of Nimbooz, let’s take a moment to explore the origins of the tongue twister. Tongue twisters have long been a part of popular culture, known for their challenging word combinations that test the agility of our speech organs. They have entertained people of all ages for centuries Tongue twisters not only provide a fun linguistic exercise but also serve as memorable hooks for products and brands.

Enter Nimbooz, the beverage that embraces this age-old tradition with its very own tongue twister. “Chatak Nimbooz, Gatak Nimbooz”  is the phrase that the brand wants to become synonymous with itself. Translated as Tasteful Nimbooz to be gulped, this tongue twister embodies the essence of the brand and leaves a lasting impression on consumers. This tongue twister is to be repeated 10 times clearly as a part of the challenge.

Nimbooz has made the challenge all the more attractive as it announces vouchers worth 5000 rupees for 10 lucky winner who outdo other in the challenge.

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Creators Who Have Hopped On the Challenge

While we are all excited to take up the challenge, we love our creators’ take on it. Mithila Palkar, being the face of the brand, has obviously tried to say the phrase  “Chatak Nimbooz, Gatak Nimbooz” 10 times. While she did not complete the challenge really, we give her brownie points for her cuteness. 

Zaid Darbar has also attempted the Chatk Nimbooz Challenge and safe to say, we are impressed with his abilities! Thank God, we did not have to compete with Zaid, otherwise, it would’ve been a clear victory for him.

Barkha Singh also tries to say the tongue twister 10 times. Before we give her verdict, we want to compliment Barkha on her outfit. In the bright yellow top, she looks adorable and the right fit to promote the brand.

Dangal fame Sanya Malhotra also tries her hands on the Chatak Nimbooz Challenge. With her adorable smile, we think we declare her a winner already. However, she too did a good job at it.

The Marketing Strategy

The choice to incorporate a tongue twister into Nimbooz’s marketing campaign was a stroke of genius. First and foremost, it creates a sense of intrigue and curiosity. When people encounter the tongue twister, they are immediately drawn in by the challenge it presents.

People find themselves repeating the words, trying to master the combination of sounds, and in doing so, they engage with the brand on a deeper level. The evidence of this is the multiple people who have been attempting the tongue twister as Nimbooz reshares it on its official Instagram account.

Moreover, the tongue twister serves as a device that aids in brand recall. By associating the twisty phrase with Nimbooz, consumers are more likely to remember the product when faced with a choice at the supermarket or a restaurant. The tongue twister creates a mental link that enhances brand recognition and brand loyalty.

Additionally, Nimbooz’s tongue twister campaign has viral potential. In the age of social media, catchy and shareable content reigns supreme. When people encounter a tongue twister as catchy as Nimbooz’s, they are eager to share it with their friends and family, igniting a wave of conversations and online interactions. This organic sharing amplifies the brand’s reach and creates a buzz around Nimbooz.

Using Creators For Chatak Nimbooz Challenge is good marketing strategy
Creative Market

Nimbooz has masterfully leveraged the power of a tongue twister to enhance its marketing efforts. The clever incorporation of “Chatak Nimbooz, Gatak Nimbooz” into their campaign has not only intrigued consumers but also solidified brand recognition and fostered engagement. By embracing this timeless linguistic tradition, and incorporating the social media stars such as Mithila Palkar, Zaid Darbar, Barkha Singh and Sanya Malhotra, Nimbooz has managed to quench our thirst to see our creators in the brand association.

Let’s quickly try the challenge. Shall we?