Meta’s Avatars are not new but they keep finding a way to update and keep the users entertained with the latest updates. In an announcement, Meta announced the latest update to define the body types and hairstyles of your avatar in new ways.

“One billion avatars. Yesterday, we got to publicly announce and celebrate that incredible milestone. More than one billion avatars have been created across our technologies. That’s a billion times people have reimagined how they show up online — like showing up to meetings in a suit and tie while wearing pajamas in real life. Respect.

Meta Avatar

Today, we’re announcing some improvements to Meta Avatars that will help freshen up your look just in time for spring. We’re adding a handful of new avatar body shapes to help you better express yourself — especially if expressing yourself means dancing along to “Hips Don’t Lie.” We’ve also partnered with PUMA to bring seven outfits to the Meta Avatars Store.

And we’re continuing to make your avatar look better in smaller and subtler ways as well, because those details help your personality shine through. Literally shine, as we’re adding a bit more sparkle to your eyes, brushing some volume into your hair and making clothes look more realistic and textured. You’ll see these changes when you use your avatar outside of virtual reality (VR).” they announced in their blog.

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Releasing New Body Types

Everybody and every body differ from one another. But up until now, the choices for your avatar’s body shape were all fairly similar. possibly a little rectangle.

When they introduced this generation of avatars back in 2021, they made them a decent starting point. However, they have received feedback that not everyone can see themselves in the available choices.

virtual reality | Meta Avatar

You’ll be able to select from a larger variety of body form options, including two curvier body shapes, starting this month. They announced to keep introducing new options as we strive toward a moment when everyone can design an avatar they love. Self-expression and representation are important because they make your avatar feel like you.

PUMA’s New Looks

The Avatars Store, a one-stop shop for personalizing your avatar across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and VR, was released last year. Since its debut, Meta has added clothing from some of the top sports, fashion, and lifestyle companies in the world, including Madhappy, the NBA, Prada, and Thom Browne.

PUMA's New Looks

Be sure to include PUMA. Beginning on May 1, they will offer seven of the sports brand’s lifestyle outfits.

Textures of hair and clothing

In stickers, profile pictures, cover photos, and more, you can now customize your avatar’s hair, clothing, and eyes.

The hair and clothing have also received more detail and realism, so whether you’re sporting a tidy fade and a suit or a bedhead and sweats, your avatar should now stand out a little more than before. Excellent glow-up, no?

Watch for additional adjustments. This year, avatars will see a lot of updates, and we can’t wait to tell you more!

Remind yourself that when you create an avatar and share it using one of our technologies, it becomes public to everyone else. Find out more about setting permissions for your avatar.