Indian content creators have spread their wings and are venturing into many fields with the stardom they have earned on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. These web-born stars are a growing craze and have a loyal fanbase. As a result of their growing popularity, they have become a preferred choice to represent brands in both print media and electronic media. In fact, these social media creators are increasingly seen in many TV commercials too. 

Why do brands choose these digital stars?

Influencer marketing is a growing strategy with brands. Statistically speaking brands have started to allocate nearly 28% of their advertisement budget to digital campaigns. Not just this, big brands also rope in these social media creators on bigger platforms like television commercials for the following reasons-

  • A strong foundation– Alongside the reach of the TV commercial, most of these creators have active social media accounts from where they can promote their collaboration increasing the reach. An existing follower base also adds to increasing the brand’s visibility.
  • A better alternative to Bollywood Celebrities– Most of these creators have an equal following as any Bollywood actors, whereas they charge a quarter of the payment paid to any Bollywood star. They also throw lesser tantrums and are more readily available than A-list Bollywood actors.
  • A sense of connectivity– Creators are usually followed for their relatable content which automatically connects them to the audience and builds a connection. When these content creators are seen in commercials, the sense of connectivity comes into play which assists the brand in translating it into a purchase or potential purchase.

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All of these stand as strong reasoning for brands to cast content creators in their tv commercials and digital campaigns, hoping their advertisement is the next one to get viral.

We have prepared a list of content creators whom we have loved to see on social media and even more in Television Commercials.

Cadbury Fuse

Shayan Roy is one of the first few creators who made it to tv commercials. He was featured in a Cadbury Fuse ad along with cricket legends like Yuvraj Singh and Rishab Pant. In the ad, he is shown as a cricket enthusiast who draws the attention of the cricketers with a quick and witty comeback. The advertisement was loved and earned Shayan Roy fame beyond his digital presence. 


Awez Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar also made it to television when they were seen in McDonald’s new television commercial. Reconnecting with an old best friend through Instagram, Awez and Nagma meet again to enjoy conversation and food at McDonald’s, striking a chord immediately. This advertisement was a part of the #25yearsoflovinit campaign.

Colgate White

Dolly Singh of the iDiva fame is a well-known social media creator. She is best known for her role as a South Delihite and creates Instagram content that is super-relatable. Her observation about society and her funny take on it have earned her name in the internet world. Dolly has collaborated with many brands and has also appeared in a Tv commercial for Colgate Visible White showing off her contagious smile.

Amazon Pay

To popularise their payment gateway, Amazon Pay, Amazon came up with a series of adorable advertisements showing three friends who are flatmates and partner-in-crime. Barkha Singh, Rajat Barrmecha and Riddhi Sen, all received a lot of love for their friendly banter and helped Amazon Pay earn a footing in the Indian market.


Cleartrip is another brand known for its hilarious commercials. For one of their Cleartrip sale commercials, they showed ‘the little things’ couple Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal hunting for a hotel as they missed the sale. They end up at “Hotel Decent” and come across the “Jab We Met” receptionist to welcome (read scare) them. Both Mithila and Druv earned their fame through Youtube. When the little things popularity did not let it be ‘little’, it was taken over by Netflix. 

Undoubtedly, Influencer Marketing is a growing phenomenon because of its success rate. More and more brands are using content creators to popularise their brands. Brands like Quickride have used multiple web-born stars to promote themselves. 

Not just Tv commercials but influencers are a preferred choice when it comes to digital campaigns. Brands like Sprite and Vivo are well-known for promoting their products while collaborating with these “influencers.” Many of these content creators are also on hoardings of different brands. 

Tell us in the comments below which is your favourite creator advertisement.