Considering herself to be “Princess of Calcutta”, Anukul Dhara a.k.a Coco Ballucci breaks gender stereotypes with the power of makeup. She’s a celebrity makeup artist and a beauty influencer too.  Even though she hails from Kolkata, her name is renowned in the Pollywood industry. A lot of Punjabi actresses love to work with her! From Wamiqa Gabbi, Sargun Mehta, Sonam BajwaMandy TakharNeeru Bajwa, Monica Gill to Sara Gurpal, the list is endless. 

Ballucci wasn’t always into the makeup industry. She used to be a textile designer and had even worked with the famous Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee for two months while staying in Kolkata. She had even worked in a salon, after shifting to Chandigarh. Since she was struggling financially at that time, she started looking for more opportunities. Her journey in the makeup industry began from the point when she got her big break in a photoshoot.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee (Source: The Economic Times)

Being a small city, Chandigarh wasn’t really open to the LGBT community, as compared to Kolkata, the big city. She wasn’t comfortable with all this situation. She believes that more than being from the LGBT community, “I’m more into humanity.” She states that accepting a human being in any form is more important. Whether they are from any particular community or even if someone is paralysed. In many interviews, Coco admitted that Mandy has boosted a lot of confidence in her. With such a welcoming attitude from Pollywood, Ballucci slowly made a name for herself.  

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Recently, Coco has done a lot of work with Sonam. You will see her Instagram profile is full of Bajwa’s pictures. 

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She also owns a YouTube channel with 52.7K subscribers. You will notice her speaking in Bengali in her videos, and it’s good to see her not forgetting her roots after getting so much love and fame from the Punjabi industry.  Her video for Blur cosmetics India is so adorable!

I laughed when she literally said, “Primer is a bitch.” Can we ever stop admiring her way of speaking and her makeup skills? Well, she fought tooth and nail for the position she’s at today. Coco Ballucci deserves all the love and affection. What matters the most is that even after being uncomfortable in mixing with new people and places, she didn’t shy away from revealing her identity as gay, and made it to the top with all efforts and hard work. Look at her now! Ain’t she glowing with the makeup spotlight? She’s an inspiration to so many people who are facing difficulties financially and even culture shock. May she encourage everyone with her magical skills!