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Clubhouse voice rooms will now have a Room Chat feature as well. Clubhouse announced the arrival of this new feature in a very pun-ny way, “A new feature has entered the chat.” There is a lot of youth that want to talk on the Clubhouse app. The app is all about people from all around the world coming together to discuss whatever their interests are. The app has expanded its engagement through a new feature that is the Room Chat. Now the users can connect via chats too.

App History

The app was launched in 2020, and it was quite the talk of the town as soon as it was made available to the app stores. The app was all about starting a new room or a group where they can talk about almost anything and everything. Oftentimes, the users were found not speaking in those rooms back then. The app use to see a lot of back and forth conversations and banters being an audio chat app.

Earlier, Clubhouse expanded its platform to the web, giving everyone access to the live audio chat. Although one cannot join as a speaker via the web. Now, the app wants everyone to be able to join live conversations whether by voice or chat and hence they introduced this new feature.

About the feature

According to the Official Blog post, “For creators, in-room chat will offer another touchpoint with audiences in a room and provide a way to get feedback in real-time. We hope that this will make conducting quick polls or sourcing questions from the audience that much easier, and bring engagement to the next level.”

The feature allows the participants in the room to send messages while the room is open and the users also have an option to delete the messages both during and after the chat. Moderators can also remove people from the room as and when they want to and also the ones who violate Clubhouse Guidelines.

Although the chat doesn’t vanish once the room closes. So now even if you’re in the audience or someone else speaking, you can react to it, request songs, and/or share your opinions and views through the new text feature in the rooms.

Clubhouse introduces Room Chat feature
Source: Clubhouse

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Creators assist

Creators can appoint moderators to keep an eye on the chat and delete inappropriate messages. If the room has a huge number of people, the task of moderating comments will be strenuous.

Being a creator, one will be able to delete the chat messages at any moment. In addition to this, one can turn off In-room chat at any given moment. These creators can also disable text chat while starting a new audio room if they don’t want the feature to be there.

The in-room chat option also provides you with the aid to delete your comment during or after the live room has ended.