The sad demise of YouTuber Abhradeep Saha, popularly known as Angry Rantman, came as a shocker to the online community. His rant videos, especially his commentary on football were extremely famous. In fact, a rant video where he passionately spoke about Chelsea went viral and propelled him to stardom. Now, as the football world mourns his loss, Chelsea Football Club has announced to pay tribute to the beloved YouTuber in their upcoming Premier League match to be held at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Chelsea FC to pay tribute to Abhradeep Saha

Tribute Announcement

Tom Overend, who is closely linked with Chelsea FC, confirmed the news of the tribute to Abhradeep Saha via his Twitter account. In a series of tweets, Tom Overend first disclosed the information and then expressed gratitude to everyone involved in making the homage possible. 

This will include featuring Abhradeep Saha in the match program and a special announcement during half-time at the Stamford Bridge match that will be held this Sunday. 

Tom Overend lauded Chelsea FC for their support and facilitation, highlighting their exceptional cooperation in honouring Abhradeep Saha’s legacy.

The Legacy of Angry Rantman

Angry Rantman gained prominence for his unfiltered and fiery commentary on YouTube, amassing a substantial following on social media platforms. With over 480,000 subscribers on YouTube and 112,000 followers on Instagram, Abhradeep Saha became an immensely loved content creator. Despite facing health challenges, he remained a spirited and passionate voice in the digital realm especially supporting his football community.

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Abhradeep Saha personally shared the update about his health and the need to undergo open-heart surgery with his fans. His family also conveyed the information about his deteriorating health and later the news of his demise on social media. We cannot imagine how devastating this must have been, especially for the parents.

Abhradeep Saha’s legacy extends far beyond his online presence. This tribute to him reflects the profound impact he had on the football community. As fans prepare to honour his memory, Abhradeep’s legacy of passion, humour, and unwavering spirit will continue to resonate among football enthusiasts worldwide.