Can shared love for coffee become a qualifier for couples to live together for the rest of their lives?? Do you also believe coffee can brew magic into relationships?  Brewing magic and spark into relationships, the coffee brand Bru is set to launch, for the very first time, a fictional micro-series titled Aanandham Aarambham exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar. 

Starring popular Tamil actor Santhosh Prathap and prominent fan-favorite Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Abhirami Venkatachalam, the short slice-of-life series will release on 14 January 2022.

Diving deep into the insight of a simple cup of coffee bringing two individuals together, the eight-episode micro-series traces the heartwarming relationship of two coffee lovers, Ranjani and Ramcharan, starting from their proposal to their first wedding anniversary. Each four-minute episode displays how coffee becomes an integral part of their everyday life to build an equal relationship. For Ramcharan and Ranjani, filling bitter gaps becomes easier over coffee and eventually becomes a back-in-love tactic.

“At Disney+ Hotstar, we continue to expand our offering to satiate the ever-changing entertainment demands of our audiences, and aim to build a library of content that is meaningful and entertaining while leaving an indelible impression. Through Anandham Arambham, we offer our first Tamil micro-series for those looking for snackable, short-format content. We are thrilled to have collaborated with Bru on this project as it challenges creators to effectively weave a narrative within a short span of time and a fresh perspective on storytelling for our audience,” said a spokesperson of Disney+ Hotstar.

Santhosh Prathap, who has delivered hit films like Sarpatta Parambarai and Oh My Kadavule, said, “Bru and Disney Hotstar’s initiative to create a series around coffee and the relationship between two individuals is a brilliant idea to connect with audiences. To be on this innovative platform that caters to a wide audience is a win for me. I appreciate that we could tell a story about something so simple with such ease through a relatable storyline. I hope that your coffee break is made even more special with Aanandham Aarambham.”

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Aanandham Aarambam traces the beautiful love life of two coffee lovers, Ranjani and Ramcharan starting off from the proposal up to their first wedding anniversary. The story begins with Ram proposing to Ranjani for marriage in a dramatic way over zoom as his overseas assignment is coming to an end. Ram then meets Ranjani’s parents to get their approval.

Though they are initially unsure about him, Ram wins the parents’ hearts with his magical coffee as they too, like Ranjani, are coffee lovers. On their wedding day, Ram promises Ranjani that he’d never have coffee without her and he will always prepare her first cup of coffee every morning. From here the story progresses in an episodic format with incidents happening at different points in their life.

The story showcases the small tiffs that crop up between the couple for no reason at all and how it is resolved either by the caring attitude of Ramcharan or by the love of Ranjani for Ram. The couple discovers issues and differences that they were not aware of through their long-distance relationship, which brings in more conflicts that they need to resolve together now that they are together in person.