The Backyard Scientist is a YouTube channel run by Kevin Kohler. The channel is a hub of crazy science experiment videos which Kevin loves to do. “From exploding arrows, to making instruments, molten aluminum to science/chemistry experiments” the channel has it all! While we are on the subject of crazy science videos. Let’s have a look at the best videos of The Backyard Scientist. Our top picks.

Backyard Scientist

How strong is Oobleck?

An oobleck is a mixture of cornstarch and water which behaves like a non Newtonian fluid which in simple terms means that it can act as a solid too! 

Pouring Molten salt into Water

We know salt and water go well but molten salt in water can be explosive. 

Pouring lava in my pool! 

Brb. Hotness alert! 

Bart Simpson Megaphone Challenge!

If the challenge works out well then you can always say, “the Simpsons predicted it”.

What happens when a NERF dart breaks the SPEED OF SOUND?

A NERF dart going supersonic is super cool! 

We Made Kids Toys Extra Dangerous

The hazard warning was taken quite literally.

Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray Vs. Flamethrower

A perfect time to say, “when fire meets ice.”

Can a Person escape a human-sized Glue Trap?

In this case, the lab rat is a human acting like a rat. 

Can a Camera Stream its own Destruction?

That’s one way to say goodbye with style! 

I Touched the Worlds Most Painful Plant

One of the most interesting plants to watch out for. 

If you enjoyed watching these videos then make sure to check out The Backyard Scientist for more!