On his YouTube channel, BeerBiceps, a.k.a. Ranveer Allahbadia, recently posted a video titled ‘Teenage Guide to Spirituality’. He features Jay Shetty, Gaur Gopal Das, and Armaan Malik in this video, which is part of his podcast series. All of these individuals explore and discuss how spirituality might be beneficial to teenagers. All three speakers discuss their perspectives on spirituality and how they believe it might be beneficial. So, without further ado, let’s gain some insight, shall we?

In this really useful video, one can learn how to improve concentration and focus simply by attention on one’s breath. Spirituality is beneficial in light of how teenagers struggle with concentration and, as a result, the need of seeking peace and solace. All three guests had diverse perspectives, but they all shared the desire to give, help, and share what they had learned. Listen to Jay taking about monks, Gopal Das talking about his personal experience and Armaan’s want to do something good in life! All of their personal experiences help them give an experienced point of view and is hence, of great importance. Tap on this video right now to watch this very encouraging and uplifting piece of information!

I hope you liked this video and gained some insight because I, for one, sure did. If you did, do not forget to fill the video up with love and support. If you’d like to watch more of Ranveer’s videos, tap HERE to do the same on his channel. And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article featuring Ranveer that you can ready by tapping HERE. Happy discovering, y’all!