India’s gaming scene is expanding and how! With over 568 million gamers, and popular titles like PUBG leading the charge, affordable smartphones and a young population fuel this growth. Fantasy sports and casual games attract big investments, which ultimately creates job opportunities in the industry.

The rise of esports and gaming communities has also boosted the industry, making gaming a viable career option and contributing to the country’s digital economy.

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PUBG/BGMI Supremacy

Among all the video games and fantasy games, PUBG leads the way in all possible ways. PUBG is widely regarded as the pioneer of the battle royale genre. Annually, top PUBG teams worldwide compete on prestigious stages, competing for millions in prize money. They dropped the schedule for the 2024 PUBG tournament at the start of this year, focusing on the finest esports events.

In 2024, four major PUBG tournaments are set to unfold, alongside numerous smaller competitions. Mentioned below is the schedule that also includes PUBG Mobile tournaments. Let’s delve into the lineup and explore the tournaments with the highest winning potential.

Tournament Deets

Following are the tournaments where you can showcase your skills and ace:

  • PUBG Global Series
  • PUBG Nations Cup
  • PUBG Global Championship

In the previous year, the PUBG Global Championship 2023 featured an impressive $2.35 million prize pool, making it a fitting conclusion to a year packed with PUBG tournaments.

The PUBG Mobile Tournament Structure

Although the titles are similar, there are significant differences in PUBG Mobile tournament structures. Check out the brief overview of the PUBG Mobile roadmap below.

pubg mobile tournament structure krafton bgmi esports

There are 4 levels to this competition. The higher the level, the more competitive the tournament becomes, with larger prizes and more betting options. Additionally, you can participate in tournaments like PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL), PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO), & PUBG MOBILE WORLD CUP (PMWC) for a unique and thrilling experience globally.

In contrast, no tournament provides the same level of coverage and opportunities as the PMGC for PUBG Mobile betting.

How To Become A Pro Player?

Though becoming a doctor, engineer, or other professional is a primary goal for many individuals, the dream of becoming a professional gamer is more attainable than ever, thanks to the booming eSports industry. Passionate about gaming and aspire to turn it into a career, here are some essential steps you can follow:

Choose Your Game Wisely

Select a game you are passionate about and that has a strong competitive scene. Focus on mastering that game, understand its mechanics, and keep up with updates.

Practice Consistently

Dedicate regular hours to practice daily. Work on improving your skills, strategies, and reflexes. Joining training sessions with other players can help you learn new skills every day.

Study the Pros

Watch streams, videos, and tournaments of professional gamers like ScoutOp, Mortal, and 8Bit Thug. Analyse their gameplay, strategies, and decision-making processes. Learning from the best in biz can provide valuable insights into your gameplay.

scoutop mortal 8bit thug esports professionals gaming wizards pubg

Join a Community

Engage with the gaming community by joining forums, social media groups, and local gaming clubs. Participate in discussions, share tips, and stay updated on the latest trends and news in the gaming world.

Participate in Tournaments

Start by joining local and online tournaments to gain experience and exposure. As you progress, aim to participate in larger, more competitive tournaments. Building a track record in these events can attract attention from sponsors and influential teams too.

Build Your Personal Brand

Create and maintain a strong online presence through social media, streaming platforms, and YouTube. Engage with your audience, share your journey, and showcase your skills.

Celebrating National Video Game Day: Social Nation Style

We recently hosted an exciting gaming challenge between our in-house teams: Team Social Media and Team Production. The game of choice was none other than PUBG, and the format was a thrilling 2 Vs. 2 arena match. The competition was intense, with both teams showcasing their skills in the battle. Ultimately, Team Social Media took the lead in a close finish and emerged as the winner!

national video game day social nation game challenge team social media vs team production

As part of the fun, the losing team had to complete dares drawn from a bowl of chits. Player 1 from Team Production had to do 5 pushups, while the other player faced the challenge of eating eye-watering spicy ramen noodles. To keep the fun going, the winning team also took on a dare. They tried sour candies that had them making all sorts of funny faces. The challenge not only highlighted the competitive spirit but also brought a lot of laughter among everyone!