Badshah dropped a bomb with this latest track ‘Baawla’. Released on July 28, 2021, the music video is already trending at #12 on YouTube within 18 hours of going live. The song features Uchana Amit and Samreen Kaur. Till now, it has gained over 6 million views and 73K likes. What a massive feat in such a short time!

Check out Badshah’s ‘Baawla’ ft. Uchana Amit & Samreen Kaur here:

Apart from being the lyricist, Badshah was also behind the music along with Aditya Dev. Aditya Dev Studios had a hand in mixing and mastering. Presented by Saga Music, the music video was produced by Sumeet Singh. The female vocals belong to Nirmala and Shakuntala. The rapper is creating miracles with the folk touch in his songs! Manish Shunty was the Director and DOP.

Choreography credits go to Piyush Bhagat and Shazia Samji. Coordinated by Saurabh Prajapati, the dancers who performed were Preeti Kumari, Diksha Arora, Anushka Shukla, Kanishka Sharma, Shubhangi Pandey, Antraviksha Parihar, Disha Dandona, Riya Murao, Shefali Narang, Riya Verma, Aashi, Rushali Grover, and Neha Rana.

Source: Badhshah (Instagram)

Would you believe that the teaser of the track was trending before the official song release? That too at #19 on YouTube! It was released on July 27, 2021, and currently, it has received 227K views and 18K likes. Badshah is giving back-to-back hits. Previously, it was ‘Paani Paani’ and now ‘Baawla’!

Watch the teaser of ‘Baawla’ here:

Looks like Badhshah is having loads of fun dancing on his new track.

Man, is there any other skill that the rapper doesn’t have? This edit is so great! Don’t y’all agree?

Now, it’s time for y’all to vibe and show your talent on the song! Have fun and don’t forget to make reels! Btw, Badshah has another feat under his belt! Curious? Then, check out World’s No. 1 Songwriter on YouTube in 2020, BADSHAH!