Artistic expression takes various forms, and within the realm of painting, there are countless techniques and mediums artists employ to bring their visions to life. An artist’s expression knows no bounds and can manifest itself in unexpected ways. One such artist that stands out with his unimaginable mediums of painting is, Shintu Mourya. His unique mediums such as finger painting, and painting using fruits or vegetables, does not diminish his quality of work and he always creates exact replicas. He has now become the heartthrob of millions on the internet and only recently won the Youtube Gold Play button. 

The famous Artist Shintu Mourya

Shintu Mourya is one of those artists who uses social media to showcase his talent and the sky is the only limit for him. Hailing from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, Shintu is known for his art on various social media platforms including Youtube where he has 3.64 million subscribers, and Instagram where he has 462K. He also shares his work on platforms such as Facebook and Moj.

Seeing him paint is a treat to the eyes as his fingers slid down the canvas and he breathes life into anybody he wants to. From famous celebrities to people in the news, he is a master of portraits. Not only human portraits, but Shintu Mourya is also widely loved for his interpretation of religious figures and Gods.  This humble artist credits his success to Lord Shiva and is often seen celebrating his successes at religious places.

Artist Shintu Mourya often credits his success to God.


What helps Shintu Mourya to shine in the crowd his is choice of medium to showcase his artwork. Shintu has never been seen using brushes and sketches. He always uses his finger to paint. Even for the most intricate detail, he resorts to his own fingertip. Apart from mastering finger painting, he uses vegetable juices as his paints and fruits as his canvases. Additionally, he uses matchboxes, notebooks and henna to bring life to his art.

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Capturing Emotions and Expressions

Finger painting enables artists like Shintu Mourya to convey emotions and expressions in a distinctive manner. The tactile nature of the technique allows for a direct transfer of the artist’s energy onto the canvas, resulting in dynamic and vivid compositions. His fingers become extensions of his emotions, enabling them to communicate a wide range of feelings, from joy and passion to melancholy and introspection.

The Unconventional Canvases

Shintu often seeks unconventional surfaces to create their masterpieces, moving beyond traditional canvases. Vegetables, henna cones, and fruit surfaces are some of the many unconventional choices he uses to push the boundaries of his creativity and explore new forms of expression. These unimaginable canvases provide unique textures, shapes, and cultural significance that add depth and intrigue to the artworks.

Exploring Techniques and Materials

By painting on unusual canvases, Shintu Mourya is required to adapt their techniques and materials. In the case of vegetable painting, Shintu may employ various different tools such as mixers and grinders instead of the usual brushes and knives, helping him paint using natural dyes extracted from the vegetables themselves. Henna cone painting, on the other hand, requires a delicate touch and an understanding of the henna paste’s consistency to achieve precise lines and intricate designs. He constantly experiments with different methods and materials, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved using these unique materials.

Cultural Significance and Symbolism

Shintu Mourya’s artwork often carries cultural significance and symbolism. A Hindu by faith, he is seen incorporating many Hindu traditions, cultures and customs into his artworks to convey messages related to it. By choosing these distinctive canvases, Shintu taps into the rich cultural heritage associated, adding layers of meaning to his creations.

Inspiring and Connecting with Viewers

Shintu Mourya’s art and his uncommon techniques have the power to captivate and inspire viewers. The unexpected juxtaposition of art and everyday objects creates a sense of wonder and intrigue. Viewers are drawn to the creativity and innovation exhibited by him who can transform these unlikely canvases into stunning works of art. These artworks often spark conversations, challenge perceptions, and create connections between artists and their audiences.

Shintu Mourya has opened up a world of infinite artistic possibilities. As an artist, Shintu Mourya embraces these unique mediums to showcase his creativity, skill, and ability to find beauty in unexpected places. Through his innovative techniques, exploration of cultural symbolism, and the connections he forges with viewers, he expands beyond traditional boundaries, reminding us that creativity knows no limits. Through his medium, Shintu celebrates the beauty of nature, explores colours and textures, and captures the temporal aspects of life.