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Snap Inc. introduced a new creative studio globally that focuses on branded Augmented Reality (AR), Arcadia. Backed with a team of world-class experts who developed the mobile AR advertising at Snap, Arcadia aims to create technology and AR experiences for brand and agency partners that are brand new, effective, impactful, and most of all innovative. 

According to Arcadia Creative Studio, “Arcadia is a creative studio focused on the next generation of branded Augmented Reality experiences. At Arcadia, there is no bar. We develop without preconception, create with wondrous abandon and execute with technical precision. With AR as our singular focus, we deliver across platform, web and app-based environments.”

Source: Techcrunch

During the launch, the studio has already secured clients like P&G Beauty, Verizon, WWE, and Shake Shack. They intend to work with “brands, agencies and creators to elevate what’s possible in AR, further cementing it as a must-buy, always-on format to engage with the millennial and Gen-Z audience”, states Snap Newsroom.

Jeff Miller, Global Head of Creative Strategy, Snapchat, expressed on Arcadia Creative Studio, “We see Snap Shack as an opportunity to highlight the power of AR commerce and do it in a really fun way. From the vibrant collaboration of how the brands play off each other to the limited-edition merch to the immersive AR experiences, the Snap Shack will make your weekday lunch a little more fun.”

His statement on Snap Newsroom briefs about Arcadia’s core. “Arcadia delivers a compelling solution for brands and agencies who understand the immediate value of developing world-class AR experiences, rooted in craft, technology and customer experience. With the launch of Arcadia, Snap Inc. is further investing in an AR ecosystem, backed by partners, creators and tools, that drives full-funnel results for businesses across the globe”

Arcadia’s focus is only on the AR format and targets to be the early mover. Thus, they have the advantage to set such standards in the market that are not only highly creative but great in technical aspects too. This will ensure that they “command credibility and reframe the value that a modern studio brings to its clients”, points Snap Newsroom.

Now, let’s take a look at the three solutions that Arcadia is willing to provide to brands, agencies, and creators as mentioned by Snap Newsroom:

1. Studio of Record

“Arcadia will become the official “AR Studio of Record” and take on all of their AR production, strategy and insight needs across platforms.”

2. Campaign Specific/Project-Based Work

“Arcadia will deliver against a specific scope-of-work that align to Arcadia’s mission.”

3. Strategic Partner

“ Arcadia will offer AR Strategy expertise to clients/agencies in the form of workshops, insights and trend reporting to up-level their own capabilities.”

As stated by Snap Newsroom, “Committed to highlighting AR as a results-proven format, Arcadia will be platform agnostic and develop experiences that can live across platform, web and app-based AR environments. Arcadia will work on a studio model and will take on select projects that require the most creative and technical skillset.  In doing so, the studio will develop the next generation of branded AR experiences and lead the charge on innovation for the larger AR creation ecosystem.”

Arcadia, the creative studio will continue to operate as a division of Snap Inc. It will have the freedom to function independently ensuring clients’ AR needs are fulfilled appropriately across platforms. Get to know more by tapping HERE!