According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple is considering a substantial partnership with Google to club its Gemini AI model for enhancing features on the iPhone. This potential collaboration holds the promise of extending Google’s already strong presence, particularly with its existing agreement as the preferred search engine provider for Safari on iPhones.

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Apple partners with Google Gemini to bring AI in iPhones

Licensing Google’s AI Technology

Sources from within companies have revealed that Apple is actively considering licensing Google’s AI technology to integrate AI-powered functionalities into upcoming iOS updates, that is anticipated to roll out later this year. This strategic move underscores Apple’s determination to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

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Discussions with OpenAI for GPT Models

In addition to exploring collaboration with Google, Apple is also engaged in discussions with OpenAI regarding the potential use of GPT models. This indicates Apple’s interest in leveraging advanced AI capabilities offered by OpenAI, further highlighting its commitment to enhancing user experience through cutting-edge technology.

Apple considers collab with OpenAI and Google to bring AI to iPhone


Pressure to Innovate in the AI Domain

With competitors like Microsoft, Anthropic, and notably Google advancing in the AI domain, Apple faces mounting pressure to innovate and keep pace with industry trends. The announcement by Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier this year about introducing Gen-AI features hints at this.

Potential Integration in iOS 18 Update

Speculations suggest that Apple might leverage its features in the upcoming iOS 18 software update, most likely to be announced at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) held in June. However, considering the growing demand for generative AI applications such as image creation and assisting users with writing tasks, Apple is reportedly considering partnering with an external provider to fulfil these requirements.

iPhone to have AI features as Apple may partner with Google and OpenAI


Apple’s exploration of partnerships with Google and OpenAI signifies its strategic efforts to enhance AI capabilities and deliver innovative features to its users, underscoring its commitment to driving technological advancement in the mobile industry.