Hair has been a significant part of a woman’s beauty for time immemorial. Be it the ancient Hindu Scriptures or the Holy Bible, hair has been a symbol of strength and power for women. Even poets, painters and sculptors give special attention to luscious hair to highlight beauty. If our extensive hair talk has left you confused then in our defence we would like to say that we spoke to Ankita Kariya in a candid interview today and her shining black hair has left us star-struck.

In an exclusive interview with Ankita Kariya who shares her hair  care secrets

Ankita Kariya is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creator who creates ample content with regards to hair health. Her Instagram feed is like an extended TV commercial showing picture-perfect hair. If her healthy hair does not win you over, her one-of-a-kind fashion and beauty tips will leave you spellbound. Join us for this week’s On Our Radar interview, as we uncover some exclusive hair care tips from Ankita Kariya who graciously also opens up about her content creation journey and her future plans. 

SN: Every time we scroll through your feed, the one thing that we can see is your hair, it shines through. How do you manage it so well? 

Ankita: I love my hair and I’m very particular and possessive about it. I have a very extensive hair care routine that I follow no matter what and I have a specific hairstylist who is only allowed to touch my hair

SN: Can you tell us a little more about your hair care routine?

Ankita: When it comes to my hair, I follow a proper hair care routine. I use hair oil and this is something that I’ve been following for years. Second, I have switched completely to wooden combs and satin scrunchies because they don’t damage your hair, unlike regular plastic combs. Thirdly, I tie my hair into a protective hairstyle, instead of tying high ponytails and tight hairstyles, because they do less damage.

These are a few tips that do not require any products as such but are very generalised tips that I’ve been following. Other than this, I don’t use products that are very harsh on my scalp and one needs to know their scalp and hair type actually before even trying products out

SN:  A lot of people struggle with unhealthy hair. Can you simplify hair care for us?

Ankita: So for hair fall, I think one thing that I would recommend is don’t take stress, stop it! Hair fall can be due to a lack of vitamins. So taking multivitamins should help. If you have severe hair fall, go and consult your dermatologist. Secondly, scalp health is very important to prevent dandruff. Try using clarifying shampoo once a week. Invest in good anti-dandruff shampoo. Keep your scalp very clean. 

SN: When it comes to oiling, it is a divided house. What is your take on it? 

Ankita: I have been oiling my hair since childhood and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Oil acts as a lubricant while you massage your scalp and massaging also stimulates blood circulation which in turn promotes hair growth. However, it is important to use good quality oil that has ingredients such as rosemary and castor oil, which aid hair health.

SN: Hair growth oil or hair growth serums are making a lot of noise these days. Are they effective?

Ankita: Yes it is very effective. These are actually formulated in a way that they help hair growth. If oiling does not work for you, then hair growth serums are your best friend. 

SN: Coming to your content creation journey, how did you decide that you want to get into this niche of hair styling and when did you start?

Ankita: I am a textile engineer by profession but I’ve always loved being in front of the camera. Once a friend of mine casually asked me to give content creation a try.

I just started it for fun and then over the years, I began to enjoy it thoroughly. Then I completely switched to content creation. I used to get a lot of questions concerning hair care. At that time I would juggle between fashion and beauty content but it just clicked and that is how I started my hair care content creation journey.

SN: Experts predict that 2024 is all about embracing your natural hair colour. What is your take on it?

Ankita: I am someone who believes in natural hair colour and I haven’t coloured my hair to date. If you’re getting a hair colour for the first time I would recommend you go ahead with natural hair dyes and avoid procedures that involve bleaching your hair.

SN: Can you tell us about three simple hair care rituals that one person should follow? 

Ankita: First is to love your hair. I have affirmations that I repeat to my hair. I know this might sound weird, but I do talk to my hair when I’m foaming it. The second is just to switch to wooden combs and satin scrunchies as I said they do not damage your hair and the third would be to try protective hairstyles. For instance, Banana clips are perfect for a voluminous ponytail and it doesn’t even damage your hair.

Ankita Kariya shares her hair  care secrets in an exclusive interview


SN: You are also a big fan of scalp massages, right? Does it help? How good is it?

Ankita: Like I said before, when you massage your scalp, it stimulates blood circulation which in turn promotes hair growth. Massagers also help to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove build up which is very important for a healthy scalp. A good chumpy relaxes us too. 

SN: 5 hair care and skin care products in your vanity that you swear by?

Ankita: Starting with hair care, I have wooden combs, satin scrunchy, nourishing serum for the ends of my hair, hair oil and hair growth serum for my scalp and a scalp massager. 

Coming to skincare, a good moisturiser, sunscreen (never leaving the house with it), lip balms and lip oils and a good face cleanser. The CTM routine is something I follow, along with sunscreen. 

Ankita Kariya has definitely won some loyal fans for herself with her simple but effective hair care tips. We surely cannot wait for our hair transformation after trying all these tips and to keep ourselves motivated, we will be frequent visitors to her profile. Her glowing skin and her healthy hair will give us much-needed push time and again.