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Step into the dynamic world of ‘Akshat Tongia‘, a prolific content creator extraordinaire, who has honed his craft in building a hub for Business, Marketing, and Growth insights. With an unwavering passion for content creation and a unique life perspective, Akshat has charted an extraordinary course for himself.

At the heart of his journey lies the art of content creation, a realm where he skillfully navigates the ever-evolving digital landscape. What truly sets Akshat apart is his prowess in Business, Marketing, and Growth strategies, which is nothing short of mind-boggling.

Akshat’s path is a testament to his creative genius, punctuated by his unwavering dedication to self-improvement and innovative thinking. The Social Nation team recently embarked on an exciting journey into his world, unearthing invaluable insights into his adventures, experiences, and the closely guarded secrets of his success. Buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride as you dive into the extraordinary story of Akshat Tongia!

Akshat Tongia Interview

Let’s learn more about your journey, Akshat Tongia. Could you please share where you were born and describe your upbringing?

I was born in Chittorgarh, a small city in Rajasthan, known to many from the movie “Padmavat.” I came from a middle-class Madwadi family, and my journey truly began when I was in the 10th grade. My relatives suggested that I strive for good grades to gain admission to a reputable coaching institute in Kota. That’s when my journey commenced. I joined Kota, prepared for the JEE, and secured a spot in an engineering college.

During my time in college, I realized that engineering wasn’t my true calling. I found it challenging to sit in front of a black screen for extended periods. As a result, I began exploring various other interests, such as website designing, and ethical hacking, and eventually, I discovered my passion for marketing, psychology, and content creation. My journey began to take shape when I started working as a freelancer. In the year 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I ventured into content creation, and now, I am proud to say that I run my own agency.

Considering your mention of content, there are various content genres to explore. What led you to choose this particular niche?

I’m naturally a bit lazy, so when I began my journey of creating content, I decided to focus on ideas that came to me more easily. I found it effortless to create content related to subjects I frequently read about, discuss, and learn about every day. Additionally, I drew inspiration from my own experiences as a freelancer and incorporated those into my content creation efforts.

As a freelancer, do you encounter challenges in maintaining your passion, and what motivates you to persist in pursuing it?

For me, the motivation comes from my desire to be my own boss. My entire family comes from a background where no one has ever worked under someone else, so it feels like it’s in my blood. Additionally, I have a deep love for traveling the world and exploring new things. The only way I can fulfill this passion is by pursuing something of my own rather than a 9-to-5 job. That’s where my major motivation stems from, and it keeps me going.

You mentioned your business, Akshat Tongia. How do you manage to strike a balance between the quality and quantity of content?

At the beginning of the business, when you are acquiring clients and targeting a specific market, you often have limited knowledge because you are just starting out. Naturally, you tend to rely on what others say, assuming it to be true. During this initial phase, prioritizing quantity makes more sense. As you grow and begin to see results, you eventually determine the direction in which you want to focus on quality. Once you have that figured out, it becomes more about maintaining and improving the quality of your work.

As a business owner, is there one motto that you adhere to and refuse to let go of?

As a business owner, the most pivotal principle that has driven both my personal and professional transformation is the commitment to continuous improvement. If I’m not advancing each day and find myself repeating the same mistakes as the day before, I’m basically hindering my business’s progress because the growth of my business is directly linked to my growth as its founder. Therefore, if I’m not exploring new avenues, experimenting, or evolving, and I cling to outdated practices simply because they provide comfort, then I’m not effectively fulfilling my role as a business owner. The key for me is to strive for improvement every single day.

What are the top three skills that you believe a content creator should excel in?

I believe the three essential skills that a content creator should excel in are:

Curiosity and Trend Observation: In the current era of content creation, especially with the prevalence of short-format content, it’s crucial to have a strong ability to identify trends in the market. Being adept at recognizing what content is performing well and where consumers are directing their attention and energy is vital.

Understanding Consumer Psychology: Content creators should adopt a consumer-centric mindset. Merely creating content based on personal preferences can be self-indulgent. It’s important to ensure that as a creator, you produce content on topics that resonate with and appeal to consumers.

Sales Skills: Being able to sell is another crucial skill for content creators. The ability to effectively promote and market your content is essential for growth in the field.

These three skills collectively contribute to a content creator’s success and impact in the industry.

When it comes to your goals, could you please share one short-term and one long-term goal that you have?

My short-term goal is to reach home safely, given the current crazy traffic outside. In the long term, my aspiration is to achieve personal freedom in terms of time, finances, and location. I have a passion for travelling the world, and I also want to assist individuals like me who come from small towns, may not be proficient in English, and require inspiration. I aim to show them that it’s indeed possible to pursue their own path, build something meaningful, and live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

What is one piece of advice you would like to offer to your 15-year-old self, Akshat?

The advice I would give to my 15-year-old self is to focus on playing your own game in your own time zone. Don’t worry about how well or poorly others are doing; just concentrate on your own path, and you’ll be just fine.

And that’s a wrap, folks! Akshat Tongia’s story is proof that when you’re passionate and persistent, amazing things happen. So, keep the creative juices flowing, stay inspired, and never stop chasing your dreams. Cheers to an exciting journey ahead!