Jimmy Donaldson is an American YouTuber, businessman, and philanthropist. He is popularly known as MrBeast which is a mega YouTube channel run by him. MrBeast has over 60 Million subscribers making it one of the largest YouTube channels on the planet. We previously covered ‘The Ultimate Guide To The Best Of MrBeast‘, click here to know more. When it comes to philanthropy, Jimmy runs another channel called Beast Philanthropy where 100% of the profits from ad revenue, merch sales, and sponsorships will go towards their food pantry. Let’s dive deeper into this philanthropy channel.

I Opened My Own Charity!

An introductory video where Jimmy and team explain to the viewers about this charity is, what all it does and how it is aimed at empowering the needy.

Feeding a City in Need

Watch team Mr. Beast supply a full ration crate to not one, not two but to an entire city. They even show how much food was actually required to pull something as massive as this. From buying food to packing them up it was all Mr. Beast and team.

Giving $300,000 to Students

Mr. Beast understands the importance of good education and good educational facilities. Watch them give away $300,000 worth of stuff to the students who need it.

Giving Away 50,000 Cookies!

Another food drive but with the goodness and sweetness of cookies.

We Fed Five Cities in 30 Days!

Perhaps one of the most charitable videos on YouTube. Here Mr. Beast takes a leap from feeding a city to feeding 5 cities in just 30 days!

In case you wish to contribute towards this noble cause all you have to do is watch Beast Philanthropy’s videos and you are good to go!