Are you struggling to find motivation? Don’t worry Ishani Sanghavi is the iron lady that will make you hit the gym right now! Ishani is a fitness enthusiast that works toward breaking all the stereotypes.

One look at her Instagram feed will make it clear how much work and effort she put into herself. She is unquestionably one of the top female influencers thanks to her talent, confidence, and personality.

Ishani started her journey on Instagram as a self-taught dancer. She is inspiring people by simply stepping outside of her comfort zone and bravely sharing her love of dance and undoubtedly has a great impact on people.

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She inspires her followers to succeed and reach their fitness goals by providing the best workout motivation through her feed.

Nevertheless, she is also considered to be a goddess in belly dancing, given the way she floats in the air with her moves. The beautiful art form of belly dance calls for the fusion of the performers’ souls and bodies and Ishani proves to excel in both.

Her stunning outfits, graceful movements, and charming facial expressions capture her audience’s attention and keep them glued to the performance.

She engages her audience with eye contact and a radiant smile, which help her to radiate positive energy – both on and off-screen!

Her flirtatious, promiscuous, and flaunting body movements trembling in a thousand rhythms captivated her audience’s attention.

Hope y’all enjoyed seeing her as much as we loved writing about her!