Since the advent of digital cameras, photo editing has become a crucial step in the production of art. A new generation of AI Tools, AI-powered photo editing, and enhancing applications have emerged as a result of developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

These cutting-edge tools make advantage of the strength of AI algorithms to automate difficult editing processes, improve image quality, and give users unmatched control over their visual works. Let’s examine some of the leading AI tools that are revolutionizing photo editing today.


With the help of the new AI tool DragGAN, you can quickly edit pictures and works of art by dragging across them. a user-friendly program that allows anyone to significantly edit photographs using straightforward point-and-drag controls.


Image Source: Sportskeeda

The interface focuses on giving an image a starting point and an ending point. Users can place two points at the corners of the mouth and two more points that are a little more away, for instance, to make someone smile. When you press the Start button, the mouth of the tool stretches animatedly from the start points to the endpoints.

With the help of DragGAN’s masking tool, users may also highlight the portions of a picture they want to change while leaving the rest alone.

If DragGAN is paired with image generation tools, users will be able to achieve outputs closer to the image they have in mind. The tool is only a demo right now, but its applications will be interesting to see when it becomes publicly available.

Autoenhance AI

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of carefully manipulating every aspect of your images, you should consider checking out Autoenhance. It offers three core features:

Sky replacement

Perspective correction

Image relighting

Autoenhance AI

There’s even an API that you can use to integrate Autoenhance into your own applications. It’s entirely free to use (even the API), but only for up to 15 images. There is an option to pay as you go, or you can also choose from different bundles.

Autoenhance is fairly simple to use; upload an image, and the AI will automatically edit it for you. The edited images are instantly available for download. If you want a speedy photo editing workflow, this is a great online app to use.

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Hotpot Tools

“Hotpot offers AI Helpers and easy-to-use software for graphic design, image editing, and writing. Our services include AI copywriting, background removal, object removal, picture colorization, photo restoration, image upscaling, art personalization, app localization, and more.”

Hotput Tools, AI Tools

Our AI Helpers spark creativity and automate drudgery, helping you focus on impactful work and conquer mental blocks.

Luna Pic

LunaPic is a straightforward AI online photo editor that even has a dedicated extension. You only need to upload an image, choose one of the various creative effects, and wait for the AI to do its work to utilize LunaPic.

In addition to basic aesthetic effects, LunaPic offers a wide range of features for photo editing. Light levels can be changed, and several filters, artistic elements, and other effects can be added. Additionally, it contains GIF and video animation creation facilities.


Additionally, this AI editor provides you with fundamental tools like cropping, rotating, and removing or changing the background of photographs as you see fit. Even better, you may caption your images and share them straight on well-known social media sites.


An outstanding free AI photo editor that allows you to perform many modifications is called Fotor. A wonderful option for hardcore users, it features a subscription tier called Fotor Pro that offers you access to a tonne of more filters and effects.

You must log in to Fotor, and you can do so by using your Google ID. It has several features, such as:

  • Remover of backgrounds
  • Resizing and cropping pictures
  • wrinkle cream
  • Unblemishing agent
  • AI photo editor

It is among the top photo editors for iOS and Android and is also available on mobile devices. If you’re new to the field of photo editing, Fotor’s lessons will get you up to speed because there are so many of them available.

These AI-powered photo editing tools serve as an excellent example of the amazing possibilities that arise when artificial intelligence and artistic expression are combined. They provide consumers with unheard-of control over their photographs, automate monotonous operations, and make intelligent suggestions. We can anticipate many more cutting-edge features and functions that will further revolutionize the field of photo editing as AI technology continues to grow at a rapid rate.

Photographers and fans may anticipate an exciting future where editing will become more simple, effective, and creatively satisfying as these AI technologies continue to advance. By applying AI in photo editing, photographers will be given the tools and freedom to more easily and precisely realize their creative dreams. These tools will change the way we look at editing. Editing is now easier with the help of so many AI tools and makes it anybody a pro at editing!