The OTT phenomenon has taken centre stage in the entertainment realm. With big actors making their way to the OTT world and newcomers rising to quick fame through OTT, it is no longer a well-kept secret of a few. With more audiences enjoying OTT platforms, there has been a rise in awards shows dedicated to honouring excellence here. One big name among these is the Filmfare OTT Awards. Established just three years ago, these awards have swiftly risen to become the next big thing, revolutionising the way we celebrate talent in the digital space. Ahsaas Channa, a familiar face in the digital entertainment scene has wowed the audiences with her brilliant performances and has rightly so bagged nominations at the Filmfare OTT Awards. 

Ahsaas Channa secured 2 nominations at Filmfare Ott Awards 2023

Filmfare OTT Awards: A Game Changer in the Industry

Much like their traditional film counterparts, the Filmfare OTT Awards have become a symbol of prestige and excellence in the world of digital entertainment. With categories spanning drama, comedy, and technical brilliance, these awards recognise the vast spectrum of talent that contributes to the success of OTT series and films.

Ahsaas Channa and the Filmfare OTT nominations 2023

In the previous edition, the awards ceremony stood as proof of the richness of content in the digital space. Notable winners included Rocket Boys, Tabbar, Gullak Season 3, and Dasvi, showcasing the diversity of narratives that captivate audiences on streaming platforms. The inclusion of technical categories further emphasises the holistic acknowledgement of the creative process, from on-screen performances to behind-the-scenes brilliance.

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Ahsaas Channa: Dominating the OTT World

One name that has been making waves in the OTT world is Ahsaas Channa. Her exceptional talent and versatility have positioned her as a force to be reckoned with. Ahsaas has not only made her mark but has dominated the digital realm with memorable performances that transcend genres.

2 nominations for Ahsaas Channa at Filmfare OTT Awards

In a testament to her acting skills, Ahsaas Channa has earned not one but two nominations in the upcoming Filmfare OTT Awards. Nominated for Best Actor (Female) in Drama for her role in Half CA and Best Supporting Actor (Female) in Comedy for “Hostel Daze Season 3, she exemplifies the range and depth of talent thriving on digital platforms.

Half CA’s Remarkable Six Nominations

Speaking of Half CA, the series has garnered an impressive six nominations in the Filmfare OTT Awards. This recognition is a nod to the series’ overall excellence in storytelling, direction, and performances. The multiple nominations suggest that the show isn’t merely a show but a masterful creation that has resonated with both critics and audiences alike.

Half CA featuring Ahsaas Channa has 6 nominations at Filmfare OTT


As we eagerly await the Filmfare OTT Awards ceremony, the anticipation is palpable. The event stands as a celebration of not only individual talents like Ahsaas Channa but also the collective brilliance that defines the digital era of storytelling. The Filmfare OTT Awards are more than an accolade; they are a recognition of the evolving nature of the entertainment industry, where innovation, diversity, and exceptional talent converge to shape the future of storytelling.