Abhijeet Kain, an Indian content creator, is one of those who has managed to astonish us with his innovative interpretations of popular tracks. Kain has been amusing his internet audience with his witty side, and they seem to enjoy it. He’s been able to use the tunes we all grown up listening to as a soundtrack for our everyday events. Here are top five trending reels that are sure to draw smiles on your face!

1. Coronavirus 2021 & Chand Sifarish

2. Unclear Focus

3. Habibi or Abhi Bhi?

4. Behti Hawa Sa Tha Covid

5. Personification of Zoom, Instagram and WhatsApp

If these reels were successful in drawing a smile on your face just like it did me, be sure to check out more content curated especially for you by tapping HERE. And until my pen writes more for you, let Abhijeet take you down an entertaining and a creative journey, will you?