In the kaleidoscope of India’s vibrant music scene, one group shines brightly with their unique blend of talent, authenticity, and boundless energy – 7Bantai’Z. Picture this: a crew of young, dynamic artists, delivering multilingual rap with electrifying performances. Unbelievable right? Experience this only at the Social Nation Festival 2024. Formed in 2014, 7Bantai’Z has stormed into the Indian hip-hop fraternity, leaving an indelible mark wherever they go.

7Bantai'Z at Social Nation Festival 2024

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The 7Bantai’Z Phenomenon

Six skilled rappers and one beatboxer form the 7Bantai’Z. Led by Crackpot (Aditya Vhatkar), Yoku BIG (Yogesh Kurme), Lil Damn (Siddesh Jammi), Bonz n Ribz (Nishant Mohite), Mr Scam (David Klyton), and Beat Slayer (Abhishek Kurme), the group brings the best of each to create something magical together. Their name is derived from the Hindi word “saath,” symbolising their unbreakable bond.

Netflix recently collaborated with Bantai’Z, releasing a multilingual rap song titled “Ajoobe” to promote its series, The Umbrella Academy. From intimate gatherings in Dharavi to high-profile events like the Hennessy Freestyle Concert, 7Bantai’Z has left an indelible mark on the Indian music scene. Their versatility knows no bounds, as demonstrated by collaborations with ZEE Entertainment for the DP World ILT20 Season 2 anthem and the retro 80s Mumbai vibe song Meter Down featuring rapper Kaam Bhaari. 

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Social Nation Festival 2024

Get ready to witness the Achanak Bhayanak energy as 7Bantai’Z hit the stage at the Social Nation Festival 2024! Hailing from Dharavi, this Youngest Multilingual Rap Crew promises to leave you speechless with their beats. Join the excitement at the Jio World Garden, Mumbai, where the biggest creators from around the world will converge for two days of unparalleled entertainment.

As the anticipation builds for Social Nation Festival 2024, one thing is certain: with 7Bantai’Z in the lineup, it’s going to be an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss the chance to witness the electrifying performances of the biggest creators at Asia’s Largest Creators Festival and be part of history in the making.