Google is a tech platform that offers a wide range of services, including online payment solutions. With Google Pay, users can easily pay for goods and services online without having to enter their payment details every time they make a purchase. In this post, we will take a closer look at how to pay online with Google.

Online payment has changed our lives and how. With online payments, you can shop and pay for things confidently.

Google shared five Google products, including price insights, Lens, and autofill that will help you sort out payments easily with shopping features that you did not know about.

Use price insights and promotion badges to find the best offer

It’s not always the best deal just because something is on sale. Only 50% of consumers are actually confident in their ability to recognize a good deal. Some of these worries can be reduced by Google’s Shopping Graph, which collects and saves information from more than 35 billion product listings on the internet. For instance, our price insights tool, which reveals how a product’s price has evolved over time and if the price is low, typical, or high relative to other merchants across the web, is powered by the Shopping Graph.

Another good approach to save money is by using promo codes, however, users complain that it can be difficult to locate ones that are still valid.

Using AR, choose the appropriate shade and style

It’s not always possible to visit the store and examine an item in person before purchasing it. AR can help in this situation.

Home furnishings: Buying new furniture may be a significant investment, so it’s critical to make sure it fits your area properly. Simply perform a product search for anything like “chair,” look for the 3D icon, and select “see in my space.”

Items related to beauty: 41% of online buyers of beauty products have decided to return an item because it was the wrong hue. Therefore, they’ve introduced a number of AR features to make the procedure simpler. You can select from more than 90 brands and 120,000 hues with only a few touches.

Shoes: Take a real spin on your potential footwear. You can spin, zoom, and view the shoes in your space when you search for sneakers from Saucony, VANS, PUMA, Merrell, and other brands so that you can decide exactly how they will appear before they are delivered to your house.

Use Lens to perform image searches

Ever see something you adore but struggle to come up with the correct search terms to find it online? It could be a vintage-looking light or a standout hat. After attempting to describe a specific item of apparel or furniture using only words, 50% of customers have tried and failed to locate it online. In some circumstances, Lens can assist you in locating the precise item you seek. Imagine that you need a new dress and that you adore the one your friend was wearing. Simply take a picture of it to view comparable shoppable options with helpful details like the dress’ price and retailers that sell it.

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Utilize autofill for a quick checkout

Previously, making online purchases required you to hunt down your wallet, pull out your credit card, and manually enter all of your payment details. Checkout is now a cinch thanks to autofill on Chrome and Android. If you have chosen to participate and are signed into your Google Account, your previously saved shipping, billing, and payment information will be filled in for you with just a single tap.

shopping online with Google

Use virtual cards to keep your data secure

For American Express and Capital One customers in the United States, they have offered virtual card numbers because security is crucial when it comes to online buying. In order to protect their actual card number in the event of a breach or fraud, qualified customers can choose to establish a virtual card number while using autofill on Chrome or Android.

Paying online with Google is a convenient and secure option for many users. Make sure to keep your account and device secure by enabling security features such as two-factor authentication and keeping your device up to date with the latest security updates.