A song is stronger than a Coffee sometimes. There are a lot of individuals who find Music to be their stress-buster. We come across music almost every day be it on Social Media, Audio/Video platforms or even TV. Some we like and some just pass through our ears. Music has the tendency to bring people together.

Importance of Music

It is said that music helps improve mood and reduce anxiety, being an antidote to loneliness. Music, being a creative outlet it is an opportunity for people to express themselves. Having all the good qualities, music also happens to create an experience like no other. Music is for all, from a toddler to a nanny, everyone has their comfort song.

Music also creates a memory. We tend to recall a memory while listening to a song and attach the song to that memory. Some people also like to put their academic information into a song for better results and to improve recall. Music works as a therapy for almost everyone, improving physical, emotional, and mental health.

Influencers or Digital creators happen to be very creative and consistent with their content. Social media these days has a lot to do with these creators and people love binge-watching influencers’ content. Trying out new things and experimenting with their content, these creators have also come up with their own music singles.

And here’s a list of the music singles by such creators for your everyday mood.

Avanti Nagral – Sun Toh Lo

Avanti is an Indian Content Creator who writes and sings. She also spreads the word rightly about mental health issues and recommendations. She has almost 12 singles of her own and also comes up with various covers and music videos on the spot. Her single from 2021 – Sun Toh Lo is more like a request to just hear us out. It is a song that will be a perfect fit for when you’re feeling lost and just want someone to hear you out.

Dev Raiyani – Thinking Back

Dev is a very young and artistic digital creator. He comes up with innovative edits and creative content. His audience basically consists of a lot of youth and they love his work. As much as he loves creating content, we do see him coming up with amazing songs and music videos too. His song Thinking Back is a great song for moving forward in life and not looking back.

Prajakta Koli – No Offence

Prajakta Koli is a youth icon, a blogger and an amazing actor who has made quite a few OTT appearances starring in web-series and movies. She is a very creative individual and inspires her audience to be the best versions of themselves. Her single No Offence is a very powerful take on trolls and cyberbullying.

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Bhuvan Bam – Sang Hoon Tere

Bhuvan Bam! I mean does he even need an introduction. The Dhindora star and a very beloved YouTuber, Bhuvan has loved creating funny content and also dubs videos. His single Sang Hoon Tere is a romantic song that will have you craving for your partner.

Sejal Kumar – Khali Khali

Sejal is a digital creator and a very passionate content creator. She has reached heights in her journey and has now become even more open and bold and just herself. She is a great singer and loves creating music and experimenting around the music field. Her song Khali Khali has a very cute and blissful energy to it. It’s that light and breezy vibe that you need on a Sunday after a long week.