World Against Child Labour Day is observed annually on June 12th. It is an important occasion that highlights the global commitment to eradicate child labour. This day serves as a reminder of the urgency to protect children’s rights, eliminate exploitative practices, and promote education and a better future for every child. Child labour remains a persistent problem, affecting millions of children worldwide, denying them their childhood, education, and the opportunity to reach their full potential. Child labour is a complex issue that has been portrayed in various films over the years. Today, we have listed 5 films on OTT that throw a light on the gruesome reality of Child Labour.

World Against Child Labour Day with OTT Films

Understanding Child Labour

Child labour refers to the exploitation of children through any form of work that deprives them of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular schools, and is mentally, physically, socially, or morally harmful. It encompasses various activities, including hazardous work, forced labour, trafficking, domestic servitude, and agricultural labour. Child labour often occurs in poverty-stricken regions where families are compelled to send their children to work due to economic hardships and lack of alternatives.

OTT films on Child Labour 

While watching movies, we definitely cannot better the lives of children affected by child labour but we surely can understand the concerns relating to it. This awareness can foster a sense of liability within us, with which we can work for such children. Watching movies can help provide a glimpse into the challenges faced by children who are forced into labour and raise awareness about the issue. 

Understand Child Labour with these 5 OTT films
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These movies available on OTT platforms provide different perspectives on child labour, showcasing the experiences of children from various parts of the world. They evoke strong emotions as they depict the harsh realities of child labour. 


Directed by Garth Davis, this film tells the true story of Saroo Brierley, who gets separated from his family at a young age and ends up in Calcutta, India. Saroo experiences the harsh reality of child labour before being adopted by an Australian couple. The movie portrays the challenges faced by Saroo and sheds light on the issue of child exploitation.

Lion with its powerful and emotionally gripping storytelling sheds light on the widespread issue of child trafficking and the harsh realities faced by children living on the streets. Played by Sunny Pawar (young) and Dev Patel (Adult), Saroo’s story will break your heart into a million pieces only to put it back together beautifully.


Capernaum is Directed by Nadine Labaki, this Lebanese film focuses on the hard life of a young boy named Zain. Through the film, Zain struggles to survive in a poverty-stricken neighbourhood when one day after a traumatic experience flees his house which both worsens and betters the situation for him.

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Capernaum an OTT film shows the realities of Child Labour

This powerful story showcases the consequences of child labour in an urban setting. There are parts of the movie that are so real, that you might end up blaming yourself for the child’s fate. While the end scene of the movie is an artistic marvel leaving you bawling your eyes out. 

The Price of Free

The Price of Free, formerly known as Kailash, is a compelling documentary that sheds light on the work of Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi and his fight against child labour. Directed by Derek Doneen, the film provides an intimate and powerful look into the world of child exploitation and the tireless efforts of individuals striving to eradicate it.

The documentary follows the inspiring journey of Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian children’s rights activist who has dedicated his life to rescuing children from various forms of forced labour, including bonded labour, trafficking, and slavery. The film also highlights the stories of individual children who have been rescued, providing a glimpse into their lives before and after liberation. The Price Of Free is a living proof of how some superheroes don’t wear a cape and yet can save the world.

Stanley ka Dabba

Stanley ka Dabba is a heartwarming and critically acclaimed Indian film directed by Amole Gupte. The movie revolves around Stanley, played by Partho Gupte (the director’s real-life son), a fourth-grade student who faces the challenges of child labor and child abuse.

Stanley ka Dabba- an OTT film on Child Labour
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Through its charming and poignant storytelling, the movie sheds light on the issue of child labour and the challenges faced by underprivileged children in accessing education. It highlights the societal pressures, prejudices, and economic disparities that contribute to child labour, while also showcasing the resilience and determination of a young boy fighting against the odds.

First They Killed My Father

First They Killed My Father is a gripping and emotionally intense film directed by Angelina Jolie. Released in 2017, the movie is based on the memoir of the same name by Loung Ung and provides a harrowing account of the Cambodian genocide under the Khmer Rouge regime.

First they killed my Father shows the reality of Child Labour

The movie captures the struggles and resilience of Loung Ung as she navigates through the atrocities of war, constantly facing separation, loss, and the constant threat to her own life. It depicts the indomitable spirit of a young girl who must adapt to survive in a world plagued by fear, hunger, child labour and violence.

Remember, the aim is not only to watch movies but to use them as a starting point for meaningful conversations, raising awareness, and action. By combining movie-watching with advocacy and engagement, you can contribute to the ongoing efforts to end child labour and create a better future for children worldwide.