Masoom Minawala is the first name that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘fashion’. She is someone who has already established such a strong presence in the industry that she does not require an introduction. Masoom is not just a well-known influencer but also a budding entrepreneur, as seen by her numerous honours and distinctions. She now works with some of the industry’s most prestigious fashion and lifestyle firms. We can’t wait to feature her work and hence, here are 5 fashion mastery reels by our fashion entrepreneur, Masoom Minawala.

1. Outfits Worn in Puglia

2. Day Dresses Haul ft. Indian Designers

3. 3D Fashion Week Outfits

4. Fashion Inspiration from Iconic Women

5. Styling an Outfit Game

Masoom naturally becomes a major fashion influencer after effectively contributing value to the lives of her fans. We are fortunate to have someone like her who not only researches and ideates for her content, but also imparts knowledge and encourages the audience to pursue new routes. Finally, we wish her the best of luck in future endeavours and hope that she receives whatever she desires. So until my pen writes more for you, go and consume the content curated especially for you on her page, will you?