World Art Day is a celebration of art in all forms erasing geographical boundaries and cultural barriers. Art is a universal language that expresses and explodes in creativity and art influencers have been an important part of society. Art brings people together and yet it allows one to connect with their inner self. Today, we are reminded of Damien Hirst who said, “art won’t let you down” indicating a sense of fraternity and unity despite the differences. 

World Art Day- Art influencers

How did it come into existence?

World Art Day, as most of us know, is celebrated on the 15th of April every year. It was founded in 2012 by UNESCO and the International Association of Art (IAA) to foster the seeds of creativity into the lives of people from different nooks and corners. The 15th of April marks the birthday of the revolutionary artist, one who was ahead of his time, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Why it is important to celebrate World Art Day?

The core thought behind celebrating a day like this is to motivate people to be able to express themselves without using words. Art has been a powerful medium for time immemorial. From cave paintings to modern art installations, art has birthed new ideas and newer perspectives into the crux of society. Even though art is many civilisations old, the contemporary idea of art comes from the Renaissance period which saw the emergence of some of the most revered artists of all time. 

Transcending boundaries

Change is the only constant and art too like other fields has changed over time.  With the growing digitisation and digital presence, art has been digitised too. While some have chosen digital art, using screens as their canvas, some have created a strong social media presence to showcase their art and reach more people. Whatever the medium, the essence of art does not change. 

To commemorate World Art Day we have curated a list of different artists both national and international. Their work of art has set new standards and each one of them has a very different understanding of art.

5 Art Influencer who have made a mark for themselves through their Art 

  1. Neha Sharma AKA NehaDoodles- Popular by her Instagram handle, NehaDoodles is a household name for all those who scroll through Instagram even a tad bit (yes, we mean that just “2-minute” scrolling.) The credit for making doodle art popular to a very large extent goes to Neha.

Her relatable cartoons are loved by her audience and when she transforms them into short Instagram reels, the sharing and tagging become unstoppable. She has a line of quirky merchandise that sell faster than you know and if you get to lay hands on it, consider yourself god’s favourite. Neha has a strong follower base of 319K followers on Instagram alone.

  1. Mamta Singh– Like Neha Sharma, Mamta Singh is an illustrator too but she is best known for her wall mural paintings that depict the day-to-day life of a city. Her eye for detail is remarkable as she shows the beautiful chaos of the city which we often miss. 

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Through her art, she talks of effective ideas and efficient technology such as sustainable living, renewable energy, etc. Ms Singh has done wall murals for big names such as Boat, Mahindra and DHL to name a few. She also has a strong 87K following on her Instagram account.

  1. Chaitanya Limaye aka artofchai– is an illustrator and an animator who is deeply loved by his audience. His portraits are as real as they can get, only a thousand times cuter. His animated portraits speak volumes without actually saying a word. 

On his Instagram account where he has 373K followers, he does a small series where he secretly sketches people and shows them their portraits, usually getting big smiles and childlike glee in return.  This Chaiwala portrait definitely has my heart. 

  1. Banksy– I think this man needs no introduction because at this point, who does not know him? If you don’t, we are always there for you, just like art. 😉  A British street artist who is known for his politically charged and thought-provoking paintings. His art addresses social and cultural issues in society.

His impressive career of over two decades has made him one of the most recognisable artists of today’s time. He has a strong follower base of 12 million on Instagram.

  1. Andreas Wannerstedt– The Swedish Star is a 3D artist and motion designer whose art is both bizarre and mesmerising. He works with geometric shapes and abstract designs to create an illusion of motion. 

The digital artist has gained a significant following on social media including 800K followers on Instagram. He has worked for established companies like Coca-cola, Samsung and Google. ‘The Sphere’ is one of his most notable animations which has won him accolades both online and in numerous design publications.

Are you up to spread some Art?

Not going to lie but seeing the work of these artists has itched our artistic side and we are all geared up to create a masterpiece, if not for society, at least for ourselves. 

Get up and unleash the artist in you too, maybe you’ll be in for a sweet surprise.

We know we have missed tons of great art influencers that have reshaped the artistic sphere. Comment below your favourites so that we can check them too, after all, sharing is caring.