Korean shows and dramas are increasingly becoming popular outside of their fan groups and more and more people have been watching them. Popularly called K-dramas, these simple romantic series tug the strings of your heart and leave a huge smile plastered on your face. 

Strangely, there was an era of “k” dramas in Hindi dramas too when Star Plus ruled our prime-time entertainment.

From “k” dramas to k-dramas, we’ve come a long way.

Since the K-dramas have got us all hooked up, we have prepared a list of shows that have been or will release in 2023. With the initial look at these 4 shows, the Hallyu wave is awakened. For those who are not familiar with the word Hallyu, it is a word used for the South Korean Cultural Phenomena. 

1. Can we be strangers 

The first on our list of to-watch shows is Can we be strangers which is a story of two lawyers who have divorced each other. Both of these are great at their profession but have become oblivious to each other’s existence after their separation. However, the universe has its own way of doing things and they become colleagues at the same law firm. The sparks of romance return or will there be complications, you can only know after watching the show.

Directed by Kim Yang Hee, this show stars Kang So-Ra and Jang Seung-Jo in the lead along with Jo Eun-ji, Lee Jae-won, Jeon Bae-soo, Gil Hae-yeon, and Moo Jin-sung.

K-dramas In 2023 - Can we be strangers

Your world

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2. Call it love 

Call it love looks like a classic tale of revenge that slowly sows the seed of romance. The story revolves around Sim Woo Joo who is coping with the untimely death of her father and suddenly she gets the news of him having a mistress which shocks her to the core. Following this, she is thrown out of the house by the mistress and seeks revenge from the mistress’s son who is lonely and submerged himself in work. Romance erupts in such corners and this story is no exception but seeing it unfold would be exciting.

Directed by Lee Gwang-Young the film cast includes Kim Young-Kwang, Lee Sung-Kyung, Sung Joon, Ahn Hee-Yeon, and Kim Ye-Won.

2023 Romantic K-Dramas- Call it love


3. Doona 

Doona is based on a webtoon called Lee Doo-Na and it explores the romance between a college student and a retired K-pop star. A popular girl who was the main vocalist of a band suddenly announces her retirement from the band and lives a quiet life at a share house. An ordinary college freshman lives next door at the same share house. Soon, they find comfort in each other and romance starts to brew. 

Directed by Lee Jeong-Hyo, this show stars  Bae Suzy, Yang Se-jong, and Lee Yu-bi. Doona is scheduled to release on Netflix in the last quarter of 2023.

4. Family 

Family is an ongoing series with its first episode airing on the 17th of April. It is a story of a secret agent who works for the NIA and disguises himself as a regular office worker. He then marries a woman who lives an “ordinary” life too. With their own share of secrets, they continue to live a happy-ordinary life. Their secrets start to unfold when this couple have a guest over and their carefully crafted facade starts to fumble. 

Directed by Jang Jeong-do, the show stars Jang Hyuk, Jang Na-ra, Chae Jung-an, and Kim Nam-hee. 

We can’t contain our excitement as all these K-drama releases are being served on a plate. 

Tell us your all-time favourite shows as well as shows you have great expectations for in the comments below.