The countdown is over, the stage is set, and the spotlight is on – it’s time to meet GQ India’s Most Influential Young Indians of 2023! Get ready to have your mind blown by this year’s list, which features a diverse group of young innovators, artists, creators, and trendsetters who are changing the game in their respective fields.

From the tech gurus who are revolutionizing the way we live and work to the fashion mavens who are redefining style as we know it, these young dynamos are the ultimate game-changers. And with a digital presence that’s hotter than a summer day in Mumbai, GQ India is giving us an exclusive look into the lives of these extraordinary individuals.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by these incredible talents of the 2023 GQ’Most Influential Young Indians – because this is one list you won’t want to miss!

Prajakta Koli

Digital Creator

Prajakta Koli had a big year in 2022, with her Bollywood debut in “Jugjugg Jeeyo” and a successful second season of Netflix’s “Mismatched” series. She has also become UNDP India’s first “Youth Climate Champion,” using her social media platforms to break down complex climate change issues for her younger followers.

Her appeal as a creator lies in her ability to simplify important issues for her audience, which was recognized in the Daytime Emmy-winning YouTube documentary “Creators for Change,” where she appeared alongside Michelle Obama and other influential figures. Looking ahead, Koli is set to star in several new projects, including Marvel’s “Wastelanders” podcast when GQ asked her about her five-year plan, Koli says she’s letting the universe take the wheel.

With her infectious energy and passion for making a positive impact, there’s no doubt that Koli’s star will continue to rise in the years to come!



The streets of Mumbai have given rise to a kingpin of gully rap – Vivian Fernandes, better known as DIVINE. After the massive success of Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy, which was inspired by his story.

DIVINE’s latest album “Gunehgar” has earned him international acclaim with features from Russ, Hit-Boy, Noizy, and Armani White and his music has taken him from local gigs to global festivals like Lollapalooza and Wireless Festival in Abu Dhabi, where he’s been wowing crowds with his rhymes!

But he’s not just focused on his own success – he’s also mentoring the next generation of desi rappers who have even more opportunities than he did when he was starting out.

MC Stan


MC Stan, the rapper with 11.1 million Instagram followers and 7.79 million YouTube subscribers, doesn’t believe in rules! After winning season 16 of Bigg Boss, he has been on a roll, touring internationally and collaborating with top artists.

With an experimental album in the works, MC Stan draws inspiration from the Atlanta hip-hop scene and his hometown Pune. This artist is known for his unique style of music, blending elements of hip-hop, trap, and Indian classical music to create a sound that is truly his own, and making music that will make people dance without alcohol.

MC Stan’s unapologetic approach to music and life sets him apart. His love for hip-hop knows no bounds, and he continues to break barriers and push boundaries with his unique sound and style!



Arpan Kumar Chandel, the Indian rapper known by his stage name King, has been making waves in the Indian hip-hop scene with his distinct style and unique approach to music!

After gaining recognition through reality shows like MTV Hustle and Hustle 2.0, his breakthrough came with the 2020 hit “Tu Aake Dekhle” which amassed over 400 million plus views on YouTube. King, the Indian rapper behind the chart-topping single “Maan Meri Jaan,” collaborated with Nick Jonas on a global version of the track, “Maan Meri Jaan (Afterlife).”

Now, he’s aiming to go international with his music and is set to release his highly anticipated album, New Life, making him one of the biggest stars of 2023.

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Jemimah Rodrigues


Jemimah Rodrigues is a powerhouse on and off the pitch! The young cricketer from Mumbai has taken the cricket world by storm with her bold batting, camera confidence, and social media flair.

She almost led India to victory against Australia in the World T20 semifinal, scoring an impressive 43 runs in 24 balls. In the Women’s Premier League, she maintained an average of nearly 30 and was bought by the Delhi Capitals for Rs 2.2 crore but it’s not just her impressive stats that make her a star.

Rodrigues’s fun-loving personality and dance moves have won over social media fans, making her a true trailblazer for women’s cricket.

Siddharth Batra and Komal Pandey

Digital Fashion Creator

Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra are fashion influencers who are breaking boundaries and shaking up the industry with their unconventional approach!

Komal, a self-made fashion influencer, started her journey by creating videos of her styled outfits behind her college canteen. With an eye for fashion and a passion for sharing her unique style, Komal quickly amassed a loyal following on social media, and now boasts nearly 2 million followers on various platforms.

Meanwhile, Batra’s unconventional and daring aesthetic challenges gender boundaries and empowers others to break free from society’s rigid expectations of fashion. His bold and fearless approach to clothing has inspired many to embrace their own unique style, unapologetically.

Their videos showcase the endless possibilities of fashion, proving that even the most basic wardrobe can be styled in myriad ways. Together, they represent a new wave of fashion influencers who inspire others to embrace their own unique style and express themselves with confidence and creativity!

Abhi and Niyu

Content Creators

Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha found his advertising job too dull and decided to hit the road with his wife Niyati Mavinakurve to uncover stories forgotten by the mainstream media.

The couples (Abhi&Niyu) shared their findings under #100ReasonsToLoveIndia, a platform for stories of people affecting change that often go unnoticed. From the bravery of Abbakka Chowta, who fought Portuguese colonists, to the kindness of a truck driver in Tripura, their tales reaffirm life and have amassed millions of views on Instagram and YouTube.

Nowadays, the duo produces informative videos on everything from decoding the union budget to the shady ethics of the paan industry, reaching civil service aspirants, doctors, and engineers who are the backbone of India.

Abhi & Niyu

Armaan Malik


Armaan Malik, the 27-year-old Indian singer, took a bold step by releasing his first English single in March 2020. Frustrated with the lack of non-Hindi, non-filmy pop music in India, he decided to create it himself. This move paid off as he won his second MTV Europe Music Award for “Best India Act” in 2022.

The Indian music scene has democratized in recent years, allowing Malik to explore new genres and break out of his identity as a playback singer. He has now become an Indian pop star taking his music to a global audience. Malik’s collaboration with British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran on the upbeat track “2step” in 2022 was just the beginning.

This year, he plans to experiment with music in new languages such as Arabic and Spanish. Who knows where his music will take him next?

Armaan Malik | Most Influential Young Indians

Apart from these winners, there were many other young and influential personalities who won including Alia Bhatt, Guneet Monga, Kartiki Gonsalves, Tamannaah Bhatia, and many more talented people.

These young influential personalities are blazing a trail and setting the world on fire! Whether they’re smashing stereotypes, standing up for what they believe in, or just being super cool, they’re the ones to watch. So, buckle up and get ready for an exciting ride, because these game-changers are just getting started and the sky’s the limit!