As a non-binary person, Priyam Yonzon is known for their androgynous look and fashion. Their Instagram follower base is 124K and is growing steadily day by day. From doing makeup like a pro to donning on gender-fluid fashion, they do it wonderfully. 

 Here are Priyam’s 20 androgynous styled reels from 2021:

  1. Indian Sass
  1. Wet Hair Look
  1. Anime Glam
  1. Soft Look on ‘Kiss Me More’
  1. Colourful Eyeshadow on ‘You Stupid Bitch’
  1. Purple Glow on ‘Promiscuous Motive’
  1. Brown Shades on ‘VIBIE`s Bollywood Lofi Mix
  1. Green Obsessed
  1. Styling with Sunglasses
  1. Flower print on ‘Play Date’
  1. Zebra Print on ‘Call Me by Your Name’
  1. Suit Up on ‘One Dance’
  1. Juvenile Style
  1. Glam Chic to Cool Guy
  1. Ethnic Way
  1. Vintage Style on ‘Driver’s License’
  1. ‘Dangerous’ Look
  1. Hats Off to ‘Buss It’
  1. Red Haze & Suit on ‘One Love’
  1. The Bandana Look

These are the various styles that Priyam rocked as if they are on a ramp show. Can you even imagine that they cooked up their talent from the hills of Darjeeling? It is just spectacular, and we can’t help but wonder what more fabulous fashion and styling tricks they have up their sleeves.