Makeup has no gender, has been proven time and time again by the talented artists around us. Be it a straight person or queer, anyone can do makeup. It’s his or her own choice. Nowadays, even a small kid can do flawless makeup! Talent and freedom hand-in-hand can create wonders. Even top renowned brands are all up for gender inclusivity. Now or the, you will notice queer people doing makeovers as you scroll through your Instagram feed, and damn if it isn’t wonderful to look at!

Let’s take a look at 10 Indian queer makeup enthusiasts on Instagram

  1. XVII-The Club Kid

Conscious of art and fashion, XVII portrays himself as “India’s very own Club-Kid”. His aesthetic value lies in quirky fashion and nightlife. Games are also an important influence in his life. He doesn’t shy away from judgemental stuff like ‘Power Puff’ girls or ‘Barbie’. He embraces them! Genderless fashion is his go-to-go code. 

On this Instagram post, he states, “HIM was one of the very early characters I painted on, some eons ago and well , had to play a saviour one day. Because HIM is not afraid of the future, he’s not afraid of what will happen if he steps outside of his box. Because he represents every one of us who refuses to conform. And that can be difficult. But as Him would say, it’s a fight , as we see the world the way, it really is and not how tradition commands us to, maybe we’ve already won. Followed by a long tradition of queer re-appropriation of gay-coded villains, Your Queerphobia is nothing if not fear of adulthood. Fear of what is different, of people and ideas that don’t fit the boxes we were metaphorically given as children. But there’s something deeper at play here. Even though I know part of the reason for his existence is to mock and vilify people in my community, I keep re-watching episodes of the Power Puff Girls with Him in them, and I’ve never stopped enjoying them. Prolly taking a more positive take on Queer representation is what you gotta do.

  1. Shantanu Dhope

The beauty influencer is known for his firm belief “Brown Boys wear makeup too.” Makeup and art are his forte! He has also appeared as a guest in Leeza Mangaldas’ show. This Pride his only request is to “support queer artists/businesses not just this month but all year round.

  1. Deep Pathare

Popularly known as ‘justdeepdrama’, Deep Pathare is into beauty and skincare. His sassy side made him Cosmopolitan India’sUpcoming Male Beauty Influencer 2020’. His motto is “Stop Labeling and Start Living.” Be warned folks, he’s a pro in applying makeup and wearing a saree too!

  1. Rahil Sayed

As a self-taught makeup enthusiast, he’s way too good at doing makeup. “Brown and proud” is his way of life, and he diligently follows that. See him decked up gorgeously in rich red dressing and bright jewelleries! Only the groom seems to be left out. Groom, hurry up! Will you?  

  1. David Petersen

David Peterson whom you may know on Instagram as ‘daves_makeup_laboratory’ is passionate about makeup. He’s associated with cosmetics brands like Lint and Blur. He believes that “Strength is NOT just Physical !”, and you can notice that in the image too. 

  1. Hiten Noonwal

As a designer and artist, Hiten Noonwal is all up for fashion, and considers them a “free bird.” They believe in gender fluidity and genderqueer. They had been a cosplay winner at ‘Comic-Con 2018.’ Questioning themself on “What if I lived like a “man” that society wanted me to be ?” Hiten states on his Instagram post “I would have already been married to a woman, Having kids to a married man is common.” To know further, read it in his post directly.

  1. Anurag Arya

He has faced too many struggles in life while going through the journey of accepting his identity as gay. Thus, his tagline is “A Human Who Wears Makeup.”  Now, he’s one of the best makeup artists out there, approached by brands and magazines. He feels the need for self-love and says, “I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from the things that are not meant for me.” He also won Nyx’s ‘Doll Search India’!

  1. Rishi Raj

Rishi Raj a.k.athe.chick.maharani’ is an advocate for beauty, makeup, and body positivity. He always raises his voice against queerphobia and homophobia and tries to make heterosexual people understand that gender shouldn’t separate us as human beings. He points out the bullying he has faced and how many heterosexuals behave in a derogatory manner with them.  

  1. Harssh Dholarriya

Starting his career as a makeup artist in 2020, Harssh is doing a great job with his skills. He has just started out but I’m sure he will soon make his own name. He’s a Pride gem!

  1. Rohit Singh

He’s a non-binary Avant-gardé makeup artist and strives to be inclusive with his makeup skills and social powers. He supports gender fluidity and states on his Instagram post, “Don’t refer us as ‘my LGBTQ friend’ Although it is a part of our identity, there is more to a person than their sexual orientation.” Here’s another wonderful statement by ‘roro_love_makeup’, “When love and romance is only depicted as a cisgender, heterosexual event, it can be hard to imagine how that manifests for you [if that’s not your identity].”

So, these were some wonderful queer people who are exceptional with their makeup skills. Let’s support them more on Instagram and lead them to their growth. In this way, one day more and more Indians will open their horizons.