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Instagram’s @Creators shared Prince Damien’s Reel six days ago, in which he explained the whole fiasco about the viral Instagram phrase “nah he tweakin.” The comment which means “he’s crazy” was made by the American rapper Lil Nas X on the American skateboarder Tony Hawk’s Instagram post on August 25, 2021. Mind you, within a few minutes of commenting, it got around 30K likes and replies. Later on, the interactions increased to 11 million on Instagram.

You must be wondering how and why did it happen? Well, Lil Nas X was criticised by some conservatives & evangelicals, and also faced legal action from Nike when he launched Satan shoes, customised Nike Air Max 97’s with a human drop of blood to celebrate the release of his song ‘Montero’ in March 2021. To commemorate ‘Montero’, in which Lil Nas X slides down on a pole to dance with the devil in Hell, the custom-made shoes were brought out. Unfortunately, it backfired.

Source: Republic World

When Rap shared Tony Hawk’s news of selling skateboard infused with his blood, the rapper tripped and commented “nah he tweakin.” Makes sense since by doing something similar with Nike shoes, Lil Nas X faced a lot of backslashes. What was astonishing, that netizens started using the same phrase in Instagram comments, and no it was not limited to this exact post but every other post on the app. The rapper even ranted about his dissatisfaction on Twitter.

If you think that’s all, then you are wrong. Well, just two days ago, both the rapper and skateboarder enjoyed a good laugh over skateboarding and they definitely were tweakin over the flooding comments.

That surely was a good ending to the whole tale. Isn’t it? I must say, I kinda feel addicted to this trending phrase “nah he tweakin”. Don’t y’all feel the same? Ah, Instagram is really never without a viral moment. Hope you all enjoyed knowing the ins and outs of the whole matter!