Parle-G Replaced The Iconic Girl Photo With Bun Shah

The company has temporarily replaced the face of the iconic and famous girl with a social media influencer named Zervaan J. Bunshah.

Who Is Bunshah?

He is an Indian content creator, comedian, and social media influencer known for his clever commentaries and Parsi caricatures.

Acting Debut

He began in theatre, shifted to screen, and was featured in 'FilterCopy Talkies' web series and the film 'Things Everyone Should Stop Telling Parsis.'

He's been featured in prominent publications like GQ India and Verve, recognised for his comedic talent and unique persona.


He's bagged prestigious awards like the "Best Actor—Comedy" trophy at the Mumbai Digital Media Awards 2021 for his web series "Aarya."

Award & Recognition

From Where It Began

In a recent reel, he playfully asked followers how to address the Parle-G owner, using humour and the song 'Ey ji, Oo ji'.

Parle-G's Response!!

Parle-G, swift enough to jump into the hearty banter, responded, "Bunshah ji, you can call us the OG,"

Who Is The Iconic Girl On Parle-G Pack?

In the 90s, several names surfaced, like Neeru Deshpande, Sudha Murthy, and Gunjan Gundaniya, captivating the minds of people solving the Parle-G girl riddle.


Product Group manager, Mayank Shah shared that the girl on the Parle-G biscuit packet isn't real but an illustration created in 1960s.

A Light Joke

For those curious about whether Parle-G has indeed replaced its beloved wrapper mascot, there's no need to be concerned.

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