Zerodha Founder Nithin Kamath Suffered A Mild Stroke

A few weeks ago, Nithin experienced a minor stroke despite being fit and health-conscious. 

Who Is Nithin?

Nithin Kamath is the CEO of Zerodha, a prominent brokerage firm in India, which he founded with his brother Nikhil Kamath.

Back In The Days

He was born on October 5, 1979 in Shimoga, Karnataka.

He holds a degree in Electronics Telecommunications from the Bangalore Institute of Technology


Fitness Freak

Prioritising mental & physical health, he aspires towards the fitness realm, emphasising the need to balance different types of physical activities.

Buzz Alert!!

Recently, he suffered a mild stroke, which he believed was caused by stress, lack of sleep, and overworking out.

More Challenges

He also mentioned that he is facing trouble reading and writing since then.

Unbelievable Experience

After suffering the stroke, he talked about how a person like him who is fit & takes major care of himself can be affected.

Along with Zerodha, he has also co-founded a venture capital firm called "Rainmatter," adding an exponential share to his $5.4 billion estimated net worth.

A Whopping Net Worth!

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